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One of our most sought after products, this blend consist of all our strains blended into one amazing bottle. Capsules come in 30, 75, 150, 300 and 500 counts. We also offer Free Shipping on all orders.

At Krave Botanicals, we are in constant effort to bring you the best Kratom experience. We have dedicated a team of experts to bring out some exceptional strains and kratom formulas so that we can cater to the differing tastes of the global Kratom-loving community.

What is Trainwreck Kratom?

After the exclusive Krave Kratom Gold strain which is a combination of five great strains, our team has got you a full-spectrum strain which happens to be an amazing mix of 11 mind-blowing strains. Each strain is unique and got an inimitable set of properties. To make sure, you get the best of all the strains, we have combined them in a definite ratio in our new strain ‘Krave Kratom Trainwreck’.

Effects and Benefits of Trainwreck Kratom

Krave Kratom’s Trainwreck is a full spectrum strain. Many of the kratom-devotees confuse with the term and don’t know what to expect from it. So, if you are one of them, then you are surely going to find this post very informative and helpful. In physics, full spectrum refers to the huge range of colors starting from red, green, blue, violet and others. So, you can expect a mix of strains with a whole selection of all the vein colors facilitating comprehensive assortment of all the alkaloids. This unique blend is committed to giving you an exceptional experience that you cannot forget for a lifetime.

Krave Kratom Trainwreck Powder and Capsules

Krave Botanicals has brought you Trainwreck strain both in powder and capsule forms. Moreover, it is available in multiple quantity options. If you are interested in powder, then we have got 60 grams for only $ 24.99, 120 grams for $ 39.99 and 250 grams for $ 69.99. As for the capsules, it starts with $ 15.99 for 30 capsules and goes up to 500 capsules for $99.99 only. Along with this, we also offer free shipping on all your orders regardless of your purchase value.

If you haven’t tried it yet, better you waste no time and order for a small pack of Krave Kratom Trainwreck and get started!

Capsules are used as carriers or containers for this botanical product (**Mitragyna Speciosa) for the purpose of handling the leaf powder (approx. 500 mg per capsule). The manufacturer of this product and its affiliates take no responsibility for the misuse of any botanical product.

Trainwreck Kratom Reviews

Trainwreck Kratom is a popular strain among users because it is a full spectrum strain. The preparation of Trainwreck Kratom differs from one vendor to another. While some combine three strains, others combine as many strains as possible. Moreover, each vendor has a different approach when it comes to packaging. 

Is Trainwreck Kratom Safe?

Like other Kratom strains, the safety of Trainwreck Kratom continues to be a massive topic of discussion. Some people believe that Kratom is unsafe for human use, while others say that this evergreen herb is safe for human consumption. The truth is that researchers are still conducting in-depth studies to determine the efficiency, effects, and benefits of all Kratom strains, including Trainwreck Kratom. 

Studies show that Kratom contains bioactive alkaloids responsible for its physical appearance and medicinal properties. These alkaloids affect the human body differently depending on the usage, method of ingestion, age, and health. Some of these effects positively affect humans, while others cause unwanted effects.

Moreover, the preparation and manufacture of Kratom is not regulated. As such, it is advisable to be extremely careful when choosing a vendor. Always consult your primary healthcare provider before using Trainwreck Kratom. 

Trainwreck Kratom Dosage

Like other Kratom strains, there is no right or wrong dosage for Trainwreck Kratom. However, it is best to note that Trainwreck Kratom is a stimulant at low doses and a sedative in higher dosages

According to its loyal users, it is advisable to start with low doses if you are new to the product. Additionally, it’s best to take low doses for mild stimulation. Those seeking mild relaxation should take moderate amounts. When it comes to pain relief, it’s highly advisable to take moderate doses.

When choosing your preferred dosage, remember to consider your experience, medical conditions, age, and method of ingestion.

Trainwreck Kratom Possible Side Effects

Like other Kratom strains, Trainwreck Kratom can cause some side effects when used in extremely high doses. Most users report vomiting, memory impairment, anxiety, nausea, diarrhea, and dizziness after abusing the strain. Studies show that Trainwreck Kratom can be addictive.

However, it is not as addictive as synthetic opioids. Additionally, Kratom can be used to help patients overcome opioid addiction. Fortunately, you can avoid these unwanted side effects by controlling your doses and intake. If possible, use the strain up to five days every week. You can even take longer breaks to reduce the risk of dependency.

Similar Kratom Strains

Finding premium Trainwreck Kratom strains can be challenging. Luckily, most Borneo strains offer almost similar effects and benefits. So, don’t hesitate to buy your favorite Borneo strain if you can’t find quality Trainwreck Kratom in stock.

Green Borneo Kratom is the perfect alternative because it offers a seamless balance between relaxation and stimulation. What’s more, Green Borneo provides immediate and long-lasting effects. Customers report that Green Borneo enhances cognitive functioning, mood, and energy levels. 

White Borneo Kratom is another worthwhile alternative to Trainwreck Kratom. However, White Borneo Kratom leans more on the stimulation side. This makes it the ideal strain for those seeking enhanced focus, mood, and energy. 

Finally, Red Borneo Kratom is an excellent choice for customers seeking anxiety and pain relief, according to its users. However, Red Borneo Kratom leans more on the relaxation side. As a result, you can use the strain to relax and overcome anxiety. 

Is Trainwreck Kratom Legal?

Yes, Trainwreck Kratom is legal here in the US. However, the sale and use of Kratom is illegal in several countries. Additionally, Kratom strains, including Trainwreck Kratom, have not been listed on the schedule of controlled substances. The World Health Organization evaluated the effects of Kratom on health. It concluded that Kratom has minimal effects and should not be included in the United Nations list of internationally controlled substances

How to Enjoy Trainwreck Kratom the Most?

Trainwreck Kratom is available in capsule and powder form. You can use your favorite juice to overcome the unpleasant smell and taste. After that, take a sip of water to flush the undesired taste away. 

Alternatively, you can brew the Trainwreck Kratom powder to make Kratom tea. 

Where to Buy Premium Trainwreck Kratom

The quality of Trainwreck Kratom varies from one vendor to another. As a result, you have to take your time to find the best Trainwreck Kratom vendor. You can buy Trainwreck products online here at Krave Kratom. Before choosing a vendor, take your time to read online reviews. Moreover, consider the price, delivery, and packaging.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Not for sale to persons under 18.

Other Ingredients: Gelatin Caps

Storage information: Store this product in a cool dry place.

**This product is not deemed fit for human consumption by FDA

This Product Contains: **MITRAGYNA SPECIOSA

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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