About Our Kratom Extract

Kratom has been around for centuries now. However, most people have never heard of this extraordinary herb until recently. It has existed for centuries in various countries of Southeast Asia. The natives in these countries have been trading this phenomenal herb for their economic growth. As years passed, the world has come to learn and appreciate all the extraordinary benefits Kratom offers. Among the reasons why Kratom is one of the most sought-after herbs is its flexibility. Kratom lovers can enjoy their favorite strains in different forms, including capsules, powders, and extracts.

Today we’ll cover everything you should know about Kratom extract.

What Exactly is Kratom Extract?

Kratom is harvested from the leaves of a Mitragyna Speciosa. The leaves can be dried and turned into powder, chewed, or converted into an extract. Kratom vendors extract the active compounds through various extraction methods.

Maceration is probably the simplest way to extract Kratom compounds. The method involves using water, filtering, and solvent to extract the active molecules from Kratom leaves.

Since vendors use varying extraction methods, Kratom extracts tend to have varying levels of alkaloid concentration.

Krave Kratom Extracts Explained

As we all know, Kratom is available in various strains. Similarly, no two Kratom extracts are similar. Some contain high levels of alkaloids, whereas others have low levels. Unsurprisingly, Kratom manufacturers blend different strains to give customers a more positive experience.

Here is a detailed guide to our Kratom extracts:

Bali Blend Kratom Shot

The Bali Kratom strain is one of the most enjoyed strains due to its versatility. When vendors harvest it in the wild jungles of Borneo Island, it is taken through a chemical process to extract its alkaloid content.

Green Malay Kratom Shot

As you would have imagined, Green Malay originates in the wild jungles of Malaysia. The Krave Kratom Green Malay Kratom shot has been carefully prepared to give users a wonderful experience. Green Malay is your go-to option if you are looking for a mild and calming extract.

Krave 100× Kratom Extracts Liquid Shot

If you are looking for a highly concentrated shot of pure Kratom, 100× Kratom extracts liquid shot will quickly become your favorite product.

Maeng Da Kratom Shot

Maeng Da Kratom shots are quickly becoming a fan favorite due to their exceptional effectiveness and calming effect. We carefully prepare our Maeng Da Kratom shots to give our customers a unique experience.

Red Dragon Kratom Shot

If you want a Kratom product that is more effective and stronger, then Red Dragon Kratom shots are what you need. At Krave Botanicals, we have carefully prepared this extract to give our users the whole Kratom experience.

Trainwreck Kratom Shots

It’s one of our most successful full-spectrum products prepared organically at our labs. With Trainwreck Kratom shots, you can expect a unique blend of effects.

White Thai Kratom Shots

White Thai Kratom comes from the jungles of Thailand and is prized by many due to its energy-inducing properties.

Kratom Extract 5 Pack Blister

It is our latest creation that brings nothing but pure Kratom experience. Prepared organically with exclusive extraction methods, it is one of the most potent and robust Kratom extracts.

Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom Extract – 3 Pack UEI Blister

There is no better way to relish the ultimate Kratom experience than with Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom Extract. Our team uses exclusive extraction methods and research to enhance the unique properties of the parent strain.

Reason to Try Kratom Extracts

Now that you know what Kratom extracts are and the different strains to try, you are probably eager to find out if they are worth it. We’ve shared why you must try Krave Kratom extracts in 2023.

Easy to Carry and Store

Unlike Kratom powder, extracts are easy to carry and store. You can easily carry extracts in your pocket and take them anywhere.

Highly Convenient

With Kratom extracts, you never have to worry about preparations. Moreover, you can never go wrong with dosage since Kratom extracts are available in multiple quantity options.

Freshness Guaranteed

Kratom products tend to lose freshness when exposed to moisture. Fortunately, you never have to worry about humidity when it comes to Kratom extracts. Our Kratom extracts are carefully prepared and sealed in airtight bottles and shells to keep them pure and fresh.

Long Shelf Life

Moisture is a menace to most Kratom products as it promotes fungus growth. Fortunately, Kratom extracts guarantee a longer shelf life than powders. Unlike other products, extracts come in airtight containers to protect them from moisture and other toxins.

Allow for Optimal Absorption

Since your body won’t have to break down Kratom extract, compounds will get absorbed into the body quickly. With capsules and powder, your body must first break down the compounds before the effects kick in.

Portable and Discreet

Unlike Kratom powder, extracts are portable and discreet. As a result, you can carry them around without letting anyone know you have them. Moreover, Krave Kratom extracts come in small quantities.

Easy to Use

Krave Kratom extracts come in small quantities, making them easy to use.

Available in Many Strains

Thanks to technological advancements, our team has the infrastructure and resources to develop new full spectrum Kratom strains such as Krave 100× Kratom Extract, Kratom Extract 5 Pack Blister, and Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom Extract – 3 pack UEI Blister. You can also find Kratom extracts of Green Malay, White Thai, Maeng Da, White Dragon, Bali Blend, and more.

Kratom Extract Vs. Kratom Capsule: Which is Better?

Kratom lovers are spoilt for choice when it comes to intake options. You can either take your favorite Kratom strains in capsule or extract form. Both methods have their fair share of cons and pros.

For instance, Kratom extracts provide instant effects because they are quickly absorbed into the body. On the other hand, capsules provide more convenience since they are easier to carry around. Ultimately, the decision you make will depend on your preferences.

Kratom Extract Vs. Kratom Powder: Which is Better?

Back then, Kratom leaves were chewed or taken in powder form. However, Kratom is now available in multiple forms thanks to technological advancements. Many Kratom lovers prefer Kratom extracts over powder for various reasons.

Firstly, Kratom extracts have a longer shelf life than powder. Secondly, extracts are easier to carry than powder Kratom. In addition, extracts provide instant effects, unlike powder Kratom.

Kratom Extracts Benefits and Effects

The effects of Kratom extracts vary from one user to another depending on a couple of factors such as:

  • The strain
  • The level of concentration
  • User’s experience
  • Dosage
  • Health status
  • Quality

Some extract boost mood and attention span, while others produce sedative and calming effects. For instance, Maeng Da users say it aids in pain relief and relaxation. On the other hand, Green Malay users say that it lowers depression and enhances mood.

Kratom Extracts Dosage

As with other Kratom forms, there is no right or wrong dosage when it comes to extracts. However, you must consider various factors to determine the right amount of Kratom extract. First, consider the desired effects. Those seeking favorable results should consider taking small doses. A medium or large quantity is ideal if you want more robust effects. Aside from that, think about your experience before taking Kratom extracts. Experienced users can take any amount without experiencing any side effects. On the other hand, new users should start with small amounts until they get used to the effects of Kratom.

Another factor to consider is quality. High-quality Kratom extracts are more powerful than low-quality extracts. You will likely achieve the desired effects with a small dose if your extracts are 100% pure.

In addition, think about your health status to determine the perfect dose. If you are currently on prescriptions, make time to call or visit your healthcare provider before taking Kratom extracts. Pregnant and nursing mothers should also talk to their doctors before taking Kratom extracts.

Kratom Extract Possible Side Effects

As with other supplements and herbs, Kratom extracts also have their fair share of considerations you should know about. Most users report unwanted effects after taking Kratom in large doses. Users report stomach upsets, nausea, and dizziness after abusive Kratom extracts.

How to Find High-Quality Kratom Extracts Online

Although there are dozens of Kratom vendors online, finding premium extracts is still challenging. Many Kratom users know that the market is crowded with low-quality products. That’s not mean it is impossible to find pure Kratom extracts online. You just need to find a reputable vendor. Take your time to check what other Kratom users say about different vendors. While at it, find out more about the price, delivery, and customer service.

Why Choose Krave Kratom’s Premium Kratom Extracts?

At Krave Kratom, we are happy to be one of the top-rated Kratom extract vendors in the market today. Purity and quality are our priorities here at Krave Kratom. Every product is pasteurized and lab-tested to guarantee safety and purity.

With Krave Kratom, you can expect 100% genuine Kratom extracts, secure payment methods, free shipping, and competitive prices. If you have more questions about Kratom extracts, we are ready to answer.