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Ultimate Beginners’ Handbook to Maeng Da

Ultimate Beginners’ Handbook to Maeng Da Hello and welcome to another Krave Kratom weekly blog where we are going to share the Ultimate Beginner’s Handbook that will guide you through the magnificent Maeng Da Kratom strain, so let us quickly get on to it without wasting any more time. Maeng Da Kratom Strain Maeng Da strain is one kind of…

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Krave Kratom Maeng Da: Always Magnificent

Krave Kratom Maeng Da: Always Magnificent Mitragyna Speciosa, popularly known as Kratom, existed for thousands of years, but the world only learned about it a few decades ago. One may ask why we are time-traveling thousands of years back while talking about Maeng Da. The herb has an eventful history, and it would be incomplete if we don’t throw any…

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Is Maeng Da Kratom Strain Getting Lost Somewhere?

Before we talk about Maeng Da strain and its future, let us take a few steps back into history and see how the strain came into existence. Maeng Da Strain: Existence The herb has a past of several centuries. Kratom is a native plant in the tropical nations of South-east Asia and Africa like Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and so on.…

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Kratom plant and powder

What Is Maeng Da Kratom?

If you are familiar with Kratom, you may have heard about “Maeng Da Kratom.” It’s a well-known kratom strain that has attracted a lot of attention recently. We’ll go into the world of Maeng Da Kratom in this blog post, discussing its origins, effects, uses, and more. Before talking about the second most popular strain of Kratom, let’s understand what…

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Kratom Showdown: MaengDa vs White Thai

We always try to compare different strains for one simple reason – we want you to make an informed decision when buying kratom. While every strain appears somewhat similar and in shades of green but there are some significant differences. Moreover, each and every variant of kratom is unique in because of its biochemical composition and effects. This week we…

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Red Maeng Da vs. Red Bali Kratom

Many people take and use kratom for different reasons and purposes. There are different strains of kratom with unique biochemical properties and thus differing usefulness. Two of the most popular strains of kratom are Maeng Da and Bali Kratom for different purposes. You may wonder what’s the difference between them – don’t worry you are not alone. Many have this…

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