In general, it is made from the high-quality red vein Maeng Da leaves harvested from the Kratom or Mitragyna Speciosa plants after removing the chlorophyll. They are grown in the South-East Asian countries of Thailand and Malaysia in abundance. You must be wondering, why is it called Gold Kratom instead of Maeng Da or Red-vein Kratom? 

Gold Kratom is a new form of kratom powder that has hit the market only a few months back. However, it is best known for its as a natural herbal supplement

Krave Kratom Gold Capsules
GOLD KRATOM CAPSULES: ORIGIN & COMPOSITIONEach of the Gold Kratom Capsules contains pure kratom ..
Krave Kratom Gold Powder
GOLD KRATOM POWDER: ORIGIN & COMPOSITION Gold Kratom Powder is made from pure red veined kratom..
Krave Kratom Gold Samples
GOLD KRATOM CAPSULES: SAMPLEIf you purchase a regular bottle of 30 kratom pills and didn't like them..
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