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Why Should You Consider Krave Botanicals for Your Kratom Needs?

Why Should You Consider Krave Botanicals for Your Kratom Needs?

Krave Botanicals is one of the leading Kratom manufacturers in today’s Kratom world. We initially started with a handful of Kratom strains. Since then, we have extended our product line with your support to include several great Kratom products. We will discuss why you should consider Krave Botanicals for your Kratom needs in today’s blog. Before we start talking about the facts that make us your go-to Kratom provider, let us point out some essential things you need to consider about Kratom.


Scientifically recognized as Mitragyna Speciosa, it is an herb from the jungles of certain countries of SouthEast Asia and Africa. These countries have a tropical climate, which is ideal for the thriving of the herb. It has existed for thousands of centuries without letting the rest of the world learn about it. People only came to know about Kratom when the locals started to export it for the sake of their economic growth. The herb has an extensive history.

Kratom vs. Pure Kratom

Nowadays, many vendors sell Kratom products available in the market, both online and offline. Some may even offer you great discounts, but the question is if they are 100% pure.

The difference is not of a word but much more than that. As already mentioned, many kratom vendors are selling Kratom products at a low price. Pure and original Kratom is quite pricey. Hence, it is worth wondering how these sellers are providing pure Kratom selling it at such prices. Time and again, it is seen that either the sellers or the middlemen are involved in fraudulent activities and tend to mix up cheap quality herbal powder to increase its volume. It allows them to sell the Kratom powder at a discounted price without sacrificing on the profit margin. Instead, they are making more profit. It is tough to assess the purity of a Kratom product from its smell or taste since it doesn’t have any. Hence, it is crucial to procure Kratom from a reputed Kratom vendor who you can trust.

Are You Getting Pure Kratom?

Kratom grows only in a specific set of environmental conditions. Kratom manufacturers like us, Krave Botanicals, source it from its place of origin. A professional team handpicks the good leaves manually, ensuring they are free from rotten leaves or stems. Procuring of the Kratom leaves is a long, cost-effective process that makes it a little pricey. If you are getting it for really cheap, possibly it is impure.

Kratom plants have three sub-strains based on their leaf veins’ color – red-vein Kratom, followed by white-vein Kratom, and green-vein Kratom. The red-vein Kratom is exceptionally potent, with the white-vein Kratom on second and green-vein Kratom being extraordinarily mild and soothing. We need to be careful while identifying the strains correctly before collecting its leaves. It is important to wonder if the vendor you are buying Kratom is giving you what you want. Not many sellers are aware of the various Kratom strains and their properties.

Kratom products like Kratom powder are prepared by drying the leaves of Kratom plants and then powdering them. Before that, the leaves are supposed to be washed with lukewarm water and sieved to drain the excess water. The entire manufacturing process is done without any chemical additives. However, unless the Kratom leaves are not excellent or rotten leaves or stems, the products prepared will also be impure.

Why Should You Consider Krave Botanicals?

Krave Botanicals is a popular name when it comes to high-quality Kratom products. We have a dedicated team that manually collects the best kratom leaves ensuring there is no bad stem or leaves in it.

Once the leaves reach the manufacturing unit, they are treated organically without adding any fragrances, color, or cleaner. Kratom products you buy from us are entirely organic and pure. So, when you are ordering Krave Kratom Powder and Capsules from us, you are eliminating intermediaries. You are guaranteed to receive only pure and best-quality Krave Kratom Powder and Capsules.

We have a research team that is continually creating unique Kratom blends. Starting with Krave Kratom Gold, Krave Kratom Trainwreck, and Krave Kratom CBD Infused Kratom, we are continually upgrading our product line that will impress you in no time. We have recently created a Hybrid Kratom variant by emulating the critical properties of different Kratom strains through the grafting method.

We are offering you Krave Kratom Samples for $4.95 so that you can test our products before you can order in bulk. You can also save more when you are ordering in bulk.

Apart from all this, we are offering free shipping on all your orders.

Waste no time, order Krave Kratom Powder and Capsules.

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