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Why Should You Buy Kratom Products from Kratom Manufacturers?

Krave Botanicals welcomes you to another weekly Kratom blog where we intend to bring you something insightful and valuable. Time and again, we have suggested you procure your Kratom products from trustworthy sources, best if it is a Kratom manufacturer. In several instances, we have been asked why you should buy Kratom products from Kratom manufacturers, rather than the local vendors. Before we answer that, let us take a quick tour of what pure Kratom is.

100% Pure Kratom Products


Kratom or Mitragyna Speciosa is an herb that belongs to the coffee family and grows natively in the tropical jungles of specific Southeast Asian nations like Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and others. The leaves of these plants contain a bunch of beneficial properties. Kratom requires a set of growing conditions to flourish properly. Identifying each Kratom strain, harvesting the leaves manually, and resourcing them from the jungles requires great efforts, resources, expertise, and time. For this reason, the Kratom herb is pretty expensive.

Like any other plant, Kratom leaves also start losing their biochemical properties after being harvested. Moreover, how efficiently the leaves are treated also decides if it can be called pure or not. For instance, it is good if the leaves are cleaned and prepared for the manufacturing process without any chemical substances or cleaning agents. It makes the products as pure as possible and 100% natural. Not only do the chemical additive damages the leaves’ biochemical composition, but also have an adverse effect. Hence, it is best to buy your Kratom from reliable Kratom manufacturers who adopt organic manufacturing practices.

Kratom Vendors: Why You Should Be Careful While Buying Kratom from Them

We have already discussed what makes Kratom products pure and why pure kratom powder products are so expensive. It is seen that people like to procure from the local Kratom vendors because they often them at discounted rates. It is human nature that most of us incline towards discounts. Is it possible for them to operate long after offering you the pure Kratom at such discounted price? Probably, no. It seems like they are offering is not pure at all.

Believe it or not, many Kratom vendors and intermediaries mix in cheap herbal powder with pure Kratom to increase its overall quantity. So, the Kratom is not pure. But the main concern is how harmful the cheap herbal dust is. You think it is a bargain, but the reality is that you are being bluffed. You brought in anything, but pure Kratom. Even if your vendor is reliable, but chances are many of the vendors are not in direct touch with the manufacturer. If the intermediary has altered the product, neither the vendor nor you can figure it out. Hence, be careful while buying Kratom from Kratom vendors.

Buy Kratom Products from Kratom Manufacturers

For all the reasons mentioned above, we suggest you get your Kratom products from someone reliable, and nothing can be better than a manufacturer. Nowadays, Kratom manufacturers are within reach of Kratom lovers. With the invention of the internet, they are now able to have their official Kratom stores online. Reputed Kratom manufacturers will never offer you inferior quality Kratom products as it will jeopardize their goodwill in the market and hamper their future business.

One may say that not all manufacturers are not same, so how can one identify the genuine Kratom manufacturers. You can refer to different Kratom review sites and forums and check what the previous consumers opine about it. Manufacturers also get their products tested for optimum efficacy. Check the details mention against the products. You can also check if the manufacturer is offering samples of the product. Then you can order the sample to test the product and only order if you like it.

These days manufacturers also offer you free shipping. The product might be a little pricey, but you are guaranteed to receive high-quality 100% pure kratom capsules products. There will be no vendor or intermediary to contaminate your product. We are one of the prominent Kratom producers and vendors. We have a dedicated team of Kratom experts taking care of the harvesting and manufacturing process. You can browse through our product catalog to pick your favorite strain. Try out our Krave Kratom sample pack containing ten capsules for $4.95 only. You can always order in bulk to save more. Also, you get free shipping across the country on all your orders.

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