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Why Is CBD Infused Kratom Pricey Than Other Krave Kratom Products?

At Krave Botanicals, we are receiving so many queries on this price difference that we decided to address them in this week’s blog. Krave Kratom CBD Infused Kratom costs a little more than the other Krave Kratom strains – it’s true, but there are some legit reasons behind that. Once, we tell you why Krave Kratom CBD Infused Kratom is priced like this; you will better enjoy the product. To begin, let us give you a bit of insight into the product’s key ingredients and how it is prepared.


Firstly, the base ingredient of the product is Kratom, made from the most suitable leaves of Mitragyna Speciosa plants. They are found in the tropical forest areas of Southeast Asian countries. It takes an expert team of professionals to go out in the field, find the best-suitable leaves, and get them in the factory for the process of making. In there, the lot is repeatedly checked, washed, and then dried before powdering into a smooth kratom powder. It is the base material for all the other forms of kratom products.

CBD or Cannabidiol

Now, CBD or better say Cannabidiol comes in. It is a cannabinoid compound present in the resinous flowers of hemp and cannabis. Apart from CBD, one can find hundreds of more cannabinoids like THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBN (Cannabinol) in these plants. For many centuries these plants have been a part of human lives. CBD vendors mostly prefer to draw CBD from hemp plants as they have a better concentration of CBD than Cannabis. CBD is available as an extract and often blended into other products for a very relaxing experience.

Why Is CBD Infused Kratom So Pricey?

Both Kratom and CBD have individual fanbase gained for their soothing benefits. After thorough research, our team has formulated a way to combine these two amazing things. It has been tricky, but finally, we succeeded. Once our base kratom powder is ready, we blend in 100% pure CBD extract in a definite ratio.
Other kratom strains involve procuring only one material, Krave Kratom CBD Infused Kratom needs two; kratom powder and Cannabidiol extract. Getting the extract from the hemp plants is an elaborate process. Earlier, you had to purchase CBD and Kratom separately, which means double expense. However, Krave Kratom CBD Infused Kratom alone offers you the goodness of both. For this reason, the price of Krave Kratom CBD Infused Kratom is little more than the other strains, but it is still lower than purchasing Kratom and CBD independently.
So, hurry up order for you Krave Kratom CBD Infused Kratom now!