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Krave Kratom

Which One Is Better Gold Kratom Powder or Gold Kratom Capsules?

Gold Kratom is a unique strain that didn’t grow in the dense tropical forests of South East Asian and African countries. Kratom products are prepared from the leaves of kratom plants also known as Mitragyna Speciosa in scientific terminology. There are primarily three major strains which are determined based on the color of their veins. Again, depending on the location of the trees, the kratom is further divided into other strains like Thai, Malay, Bali and so on. However, this post is not related to those strains. We wanted you to understand the basics of the variants so that you could comprehend the real topic of the post.
Today, we are going to discuss about Gold Kratom and how it is prepared at Krave Botanicals’ manufacturing unit. So, let’s get started now:

Krave Kratom Gold
Different vendors have a different unique approach for preparing their Gold Kratom. We are no one to comment on their manufacturing methods, but we can tell you how our gold kratom is prepared. Firstly, Krave Botanicals’ Gold Kratom is an amalgam of five special kratom strains each with some specific properties.

Gold Kratom Powder
Krave kratom Gold Powder

Each of the strain is carefully and separately treated and finally powdered. Finally, they are combined in a particular ratio to give you the ultimate kratom experience.

Gold Kratom Capsules
Krave kratom Gold Capsules

Gold Kratom Powder
When prepared, it is available in powder form only. The procedure is supervised by a team of experts who make sure that all the kratom leaves are organically treated and moreover mixed by our in-house formula only. Finally, the powder is packed in specific packs of 60gm, 120gm and 250gm and shipped to your doorstep.







Gold Kratom Capsules
For the capsules, 500mg of Gold kratom is packed in a small capsules. They are available in packs consisting of 30, 75, 150, 300 and 500 pills.
In case, you are still confusing, test it with our Krave Kratom Gold Sample consisting of 10 capsules for only $4.95. We’ll ship for free. Hurry Up – Order Now!