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Where Does Kratom Grow?

Where Does Kratom Grow?

Have you ever pondered where and how Kratom grows? As we all know, Kratom, also recognized as Mitragyna Speciosa, is native to certain countries like Indonesia and Thailand in Southeast Asia. For several centuries, it has been applied or manifested as a natural remedy locally for many concerns. You would be surprised to know your favorite Kratom plant grows wild there and even found miles and miles on paths and curbs around several villages. 

The herb belongs to the extended family of coffee plants and thrives best under shady trees in regions with plenty of rainfall drainage. Hence, it is often found near riversides where the soil is rich in minerals, and running water helps it grow well. Presently, it is the most-sought botanical plant on the earth. Its popularity is constantly growing, especially among natural remedy aficionados and herbalists. There is so much to it so we will discuss the whereabouts of Kratom here today.

Kratom: Foundation

The origin of Kratom is still somewhat cryptic. It is uncertain where it first grew in Southeast Asian countries, where Thailand is today, or on the island of Borneo. Some strongly believe that the herb’s origin lies in both the place, according to the oral history told by the local villages and tribes for centuries.

As assumed, it has been extremely popular since 500 B.C. for its remarkable soothing properties. These days, we can see the herb growing in many Southeast Asian and Pacific countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Nepal, Laos, and more. These regions have the ideal weather, climatic conditions, and soil composition suitable for growing Kratom plants.

Most Suitable Conditions for Growth of Kratom

Kratom plants require a good amount of rain, humidity, sunlight, and other climatic elements to grow well. Henceforth, it is found native in tropical countries near the Equator and receives up to 12 hours of sunlight, helping quick growth of the plants. Trees located here also produce more leaves compared to kratom trees located in countries with a longer duration between sunset and sunrise. The trees also require extra hydration and hence countries with more rainfall seem to be perfect where the rain lasts around six months every year. 

Then comes the temperature and humidity. Nations where the temperature stays between 59 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit with at least 25% humidity throughout the year. If the temperature is too low or high, it will restrict the proper development of the trees.

How Does the Condition Matter for Growth of Kratom Plants?

Proper environmental conditions allow the Kratom plants to grow with ease as it does spontaneously. As a result, the Kratom plants thrive well, produce good stems, leaves, and roots containing unique alkaloid compositions. It makes Kratom provide what it is supposed to. If the growing conditions are proper, the oxygen level will be high in the Kratom leaves. They will have enough space to grow towards the sun and offer all the desired benefits.

Given the weather conditions are right, the Kratom can grow in forest regions, mountain tops, where there is plenty of space available for the trees to reach their maximum potential size.

Kratom Harvesting

Kratom plants have a wild nature. Therefore, they can grow in diverse geological conditions. As for harvesting Kratom leaves, all the Kratom branches are also cut down, so new and strong branches will grow back producing high-quality Kratom leaves. Once a kratom tree starts growing, it can be harvested only after three to five years. A plant can be harvested twice annually, once during the drying season, again during the rainy season. Again, Kratom Harvesting is of two types: selective and clumping. First is selective, where matured trees with good leaves are selected and harvested. Secondly, clumping is done when all the trees are harvested, irrespective of their maturity level.

Growing Kratom

Kratom plants are growing with seeds. They are generally shipped dry and hence, need to be soaked for some time to boost sprouting. Not everyone can grow the best Kratom plants. Procure Kratom only from professional and reputed Kratom manufacturers. It will be convenient, safe, and authentic. Krave Botanicals is one of the leading Kratom manufacturers with a wide range of Kratom strains and products that will satiate all your Krave requirements and cravings. We got Krave Kratom Powder, Krave Kratom Capsules, Krave Kratom Shot. From Krave Kratom Bali, Maeng Da, Red Hulu, Red Dragon, Trainwreck, Gold, Yellow Borneo, White Thai, Green Malay, and more. Hurry up, order Krave Kratom Sample to taste the 100% pure Kratom.

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