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What Kratom Strains Are the Best in 2020?

What Kratom Strains Are the Best in 2020?

This is a very vital question that has puzzled many of the kratom lovers this year. For this reason, we Krave Botanicals has decided to dedicate this week’s blog to help you find the best Kratom Strains of 2020. So, let us not waste your precious minutes and get started with our findings.

Before we give you the names of the strains, we wanted to share a quick recap on how Kratom is categorized into strains. Firstly, Kratom grows in certain forest regions of southeast Asian countries as it requires tropical climate and environment to thrive well. It belongs to the extended family of coffee and is named as Mitragyna Speciosa in scientific terms.

Depending on the location, and leaf vein color, these plants are divided into several strains or variants. The strains are unique and have individual biochemical properties that define the strains’ distinct benefits. In this post, we are going to recognize some of the strains which are making headlines in 2020. Here, we go.

Best Kratom Strains of 2020

We have arranged the best kratom strains below based on their popularity. The most popular is at the top. The order is likely to differ from time to time, depending on their demand among the kratom-loving community. Let’s start.

  • Bali. It is one of the most ancient variants of Kratom on the earth. In fact, initially, people considered Bali to be the herb. There wasn’t any other strain available in the market then. Though it is called Bali, it originates in the forest of Borneo. The strain was shipped via Bali, which is why it is named so. It is a highly versatile kratom strain.
  • Maeng Da. The second most popular strain we have. The term means “pimp grade” in the local language. Also, very soothing and versatile.
  • White Thai. As the name of the strain suggests, it arose from the jungles of Thailand and has a whitish leaf vein color. Among all the three sub-variants, White Thai is more potent. It is a recent discovery made by the Kratom vendor, which got famous in a short time.
  • Green Malay. If you are searching for a strain with soothing and pleasing benefits, this is the Kratom you should try. It comes from Malaysia and has a greenish leaf vein color.
  • Red Hulu. It is a scarce Kratom variant that is discovered in the dense forest of the Hulu region of Borneo. River Kapuas flow through this region, which is why the strain is also known as Red Hulu Kapuas Kratom. The red-veined Kratom strain has a high concentration of biochemical properties.
  • Red Dragon. This Kratom does not have anything to do with the dragon. There is a lot of mystery revolving the origin of this strain. The herb has massive similarities with the Red-veined Thai Kratom. Whether it is their deep red tint or effects offered, both the Kratom strain are much alike. For this reason, many believe that Red Dragon kratom also comes from the same region from where Red Thai comes.
  • Yellow Borneo. No strain got yellow leaf veins. Yellow Borneo is prepared from the regular red, green, or white-veined Borneo Kratom leaves. It got its characteristic color because of its unique drying procedure. It is generally manufactured from the Kratom leaves grown in the northern region of Borneo.
  • Gold Kratom. This strain is an outcome of the Kratom vendor’s extensive efforts to satiate the kratom lovers’ needs. Every vendor has a unique recipe to make it. As for us, Krave Botanicals mixes five particular strains and their properties together in a specific ratio to make this recipe and believe it or not, Krave Kratom Gold is one of our bestsellers.
  • CBD Infused Kratom. There are many more strains, but one strain or better say Kratom product that worth mentioning here is the CBD Infused Kratom. It is not a strain that grows on the Kratom trees, but the result of extensive research. It combines the benefits and qualities of CBD extracts and Kratom together without overpowering each other. CBD is a household name these days. Cannabidiol or CBD is one of many compounds present in the resinous flowers of plants like Cannabis and Hemp. It got some incredibly soothing effects, which led to the infusion of CBD in a number of products.

It is just the beginning of 2020, and it is too early to rule out one best strain. Hence, we got you the entire list. Have you tried all these strains? If you have missed any, then this is time to break your regular kratom cycle with something different. Order Krave Kratom Samples for $4.95 only and get started!

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