What is Kratom and the types of Kratom

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Get a brief overview of kratom and the types of kratom

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Different Strains, Colors And Types of Kratom

Depending on the color of the strains, leaves are divided into three types of kratom; red, white and green. If you take a closer look, then you will see that the veins got a certain color. This color also establishes how the effects would be on the body and mind. Each and every color comes with a unique composition alkaloids and respective effects. However, during the grinding procedure, the stems and veins are removed. Different leaves and strains thrive well in different conditions and have a different effect on the users. Here, you will learn about the different veins and their effects.

Red Vein Kratom

The stems and veins of the red-veined kratom got a red hue. It is richer in 7-Hydroxymitragynine alkaloids than any other colored kratom leaves. It is the most popular and best-selling variety of kratom strains available on the market. It is more persistent than other variants and grows abundantly in the South East Asia countries.

Red vein kratom unlike the green and white ones are more compatible with most of the users. It has a pleasant and soothing effect and thus, great for beginners. It gives you a sense of well-being and cheerfulness.


White Vein Kratom

This variant is more famous for its simple smooth effects than any other variant. However, the effect mostly depends on the several factors like the lifestyle and the tolerance level of the use and the quality of the kratom used. Well, you have to accept one thing that white vein kratom behaves much different from other forms of kratom. Also check out our guide on the uses of kratom to get yourself familiar with the best practices.


Green Vein Kratom

From the context of the effects, it is somewhere between the red and white veins. It has a very mild version of kratom compared to the other types. Those who have used it, say that it is more subtle than the other kratom.



Don’t make a decision based on some theory or other’s experience. The effects of different variants would also differ from person to person. It also depends on your personal preference, your situation, and your tolerance level. In fact, it is quite complicated. The effect of the same strain also varies depending on the location, climate, method of cultivation and harvesting and the quality of the kratom plants. This post is prepared with an intention to give you a basic idea of the strains and colors. The best way to evaluate them before purchasing a regular bottle or pack is to order some kratom samples from a reliable source.