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What Is Kratom Powder and How Is It Made?

The history of Kratom is extensive. This herb has existed for centuries in Southeast Asia. Up until recently, many Americans were unaware of it, but today, curiosity about it is high.

With the increased popularity of e-commerce and natural remedies, people have been turning to alternative options like natural herbs for various recreational and therapeutic purposes. Whether to get a boost of energy, relief from chronic pain or something else, people are starting to experiment with natural substances that are relatively new to Western markets. Kratom Powder is one of these natural herbal products that is becoming more and more popular with each passing day.

What is Kratom and how is Kratom powder made? Many people have these questions. So, put on your safari gear because we’re going to travel to Southeast Asia’s lush interior to enlighten you with more about this incredible plant. Here is some information that will help you learn more about Kratom and Kratom powder.


The Mitragyna Speciosa tree, which is indigenous to Southeast Asian nations like Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia, is the source of Kratom powder. Indigenous people have been cultivating and harvesting Kratom in these places for centuries.

The environment and climatic conditions have a big impact on how Kratom is produced. In ideal circumstances, the Kratom tree can reach a mature height of up to 80 feet. Its leaves are quite large and have a shiny, dark green coloration; most of the fully grown leaves dwarf the size of an average human hand. Since the Kratom plant is evergreen, when its leaves are shed, they grow back quickly, allowing for year-round production.

The ideal conditions for Kratom growth are warm, humid tropical climates with lots of sunlight. As a result, the plant grows widely in the rainforest regions, like the tropical island of Borneo.

What Is Kratom Powder ?

Farmers harvest their Kratom trees by plucking the leaves when they reach the desired level of maturity. The stage of the leaf’s life cycle at which it is harvested has an impact on the kind of Kratom powder that is made. For instance, Red Kratom is produced from leaves that have reached full maturity, while green kratom is made from dried leaves that are harvested when the plant is still very young.

Between green and red, white Kratom lies. The alkaloid profile of the leaf determines the characteristics of each type of Kratom powder. It is influenced by the point at which it is harvested.

How Is Kratom Powder Made?

First, Kratom experts handpick the ideal Kratom leaves based upon their product requirements, like red-vein, green-vein, or white-vein. Furthermore, they make sure that they do not mix up the strains while picking them.

Then they bring the leaves to the factory unit where they further treat them. But before that, they wash the leaves thoroughly with lukewarm water to remove all the soil and dirt. Then they drain out all the excess water from the leaves and layer them in a thin layer for the next step of the manufacturing process.

The leaves are dried in the sun, in the shade, or under UV light, depending on the product they make. The curing process refers to how long and where they dry, and it also affects the kind of powder that is produced. Some special Kratom strains require additional treatment, like some fermented leaves for making Yellow Borneo Kratom.

Once the leaves are dried crisp, they are crushed and ground into powder. The powder can later be ground even finer until it resembles flour in texture. Some manufacturers also sieve the powder through a fine mesh to remove big chunks if any.

Kratom manufacturers blend different Kratom strains together in definite ratios to make special Kratom blends like Gold Kratom or Trainwreck Kratom powder. Finally, they measure out the Kratom powder and pack it in specific quantities.

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