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What’s Inside Kratom Powder?

Kratom powder is a product prepared from the leaves of a tropical plant which are medically known as Mitragyna Speciosa. These plants are found in the South East Asian and African nations like Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and other countries. Natively, they are known as ‘keetum‘ while the global devotees recognize it as kratom. For serving several purposes efficiently, it is adored by the native people. However, this blog is not about that. We are here to talk and share what is there in the kratom powder you generally see and what is there in pure kratom powder.

Kratom Powder
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Kratom Powder: The Manufacturing Process
Kratom powder is manufactured from the kratom leaves – this is true, but the process is not that simple. It is quite an intricate procedure that seeks both time, and effort of a vigilant team.
Before we tell you how kratom dust is generally made, it is vital for you to know that kratom has different strain. Each of them has some unique biochemical composition and properties. Hence, the variants cannot be confused or mistaken. So, the team has to pick the leaves carefully. There should be no dry, decayed leaves or branches in it.

  • Once picked, the lot is brought to the manufacturing area where they are again checked and then washed with water only. No chemical is utilized in this process. It removes all the soil and dirt from the leaves. All the excess water is then drained.
  • Then, they are broadened on big trays and dried until they become brittle.
  • They are put into a grinder to make a powder which is again sieved to maintain a smooth texture.
  • Finally, the dust is quantified and packed in specific mass.

Therefore, real kratom powder contains only kratom leaves – no chemical, no color, no scent. However, beware of the fake kratom powder where vendors or mediators mix other herbal powder to boost the volume as compared to its price. Hence, they can sell it for a discounted price as the real powder is expensive. One is recommended to buy it only from reliable kratom manufacturer and seller Krave Kratom brings you the comfort of kratom at your fingertips. Order your favorite Krave Kratom sample for $4.99 to begin, and we will ship it your doorstep – no shipping charges applied!