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What’s Inside Kratom Capsules?

Mitragyna Speciosa also known as Kratom around the world got its roots in the tropical wild lands of SE Asian and African nations. The herb has always been a matter of great inquisition and gossips which has given rise to many dishonest vendors. Hence, we have dedicated this post to shed some light on the inside of the kratom capsules. Let’s jump onto it.
Several centuries before the existence of the kratom products, people were only aware of the leaf. Since then, due to the growth of global trade, it travelled to distant places and also evolved itself at the same time. Finally, we have many kinds of kratom products that are created from the plants of kratom plants.

Kratom Capsules
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Kratom Capsules
The leaves went rotten when shipped to distant countries, and from then the kratom’s transformational procedure has begun. For our sheer handiness, the manufacturers have made it more compact by putting it into a capsule. Let’s tell you how they are made:

  • A professional team picks the best-suitable kratom leaves according to the strains.
  • The picked leaves are again checked for stems or dried leaves before they are cleaned naturally with water.
  • Then the cleaned leaves are sieved to remove excess water and then spread on trays for the dehydration process.
  • Once, the leaves are dry they are powdered. They are put through a dense mesh to remove all the unwanted coarseness from the powder.
  • Finally, the powder is measured and placed in capsule shells

And your kratom capsule is READY!

So, What’s Inside It?
So, the bottom line is that pure kratom capsules got nothing but genuine kratom powder inside. Many dishonest vendors can mix different herbs with it to increase the volume, but that won’t be genuine or high-quality. Hence, you are suggested to get it only from reliable kratom vendors. You can check out our Krave Kratom capsules. We got five different strains – Bali, Maeng Da, Gold, White Thai and Green Malay. You can also try our Krave Kratom samples for only $4.99!
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