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What is Green Malay?

One may think that kratom is kratom whether it is Thai, Bali, MaengDa, or Malay. How does it matter? Well, it does matter. Like all human beings are not identical so are the kratom plants. There are different strains of kratom which are differentiated on the basis of their origin. Though kratom, on a whole, grow in the tropical forest areas of South East Asia and Africa there are still some climatic and environmental differences in the locations of each of the strains.Thus, they also have some unique biochemical properties. For this reason each of the kratom strain works differently from others. In this post we would be sharing some interesting facts about Green Malay kratom.

Green Malay Kratom

Green Malay is a name that has popped up very recently and have created quite stir among the kratom devotees. Well, it is a strain that grows in the lush green jungles of Malaysia where it is known as keetum. The characteristic feature of the Malay Kratom leaves are their deep green color. It is also best-known for its high-density biochemical composition. Malay Kratom has three different vein variants – red, white and green. Green vein Malay is the most predominating of all the Malay variants we have.

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