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What Are Alkaloids?

Kratom is popular across the world for a bunch of reasons. If you are familiar with the herb, you must be aware of them. However, if you are new to Kratom, this article will come in handy. We may have learned about Kratom in the recent few decades, but it has existed in particular Southeast Asian countries for many centuries. When the locals began to ship the herb for their economic growth, the rest of the world slowly came to know about it. Over time, people started to study the herb only to realize it is a chest of great properties.

Kratom plants are a relative of the coffee family. The herb has numerous variants divided based on the leaf-vein color and the origin of the plants. Each of these strains has a unique composition of alkaloids which determines the benefits it would offer. What still confuses many is the alkaloids. Hence, we have dedicated today’s Krave Kratom weekly blog to understanding what alkaloids are.

What Are Alkaloids?

Not many people know what alkaloids are. They are a band of biologically developing compounds that inhibit nitrogen. Some alkaloids also have weakly acidic and neutral properties. Nitrogen present in the compounds works as a source of energy and protects the plant from predators. It can be very unappealing for its bitter taste, but it offers a ton of benefits.

Alkaloids: Types

Though there are several kinds of alkaloids present around us, scientists have primarily divided them into pseudo-alkaloids, proto-alkaloids, and true alkaloids. Let us know each of these alkaloid types a little better.

Pseudo-Alkaloids. These organic compounds do not derive from amino acids and can be further placed under two heads. One alkaloid originates from the steroid and terpene, and another is a purine-derivative.

Proto-Alkaloids. They are amino acid derivatives, and the best popular examples of such alkaloids are adrenaline ephedrine and mescaline.

True-Alkaloids. These are the most common type of alkaloids derived from amino acids. The nitrogen atoms contained in it are in the heterocycle.

Alkaloids: Where Are They Found?

Nature produces an abundance of organic chemical compounds that keep living beings healthy. Among all the alkaloids present in nature, some have outstanding therapeutic properties, but are not equally potent. Surprisingly, most of the alkaloids originate from plants only.

One living organism that also produces alkaloids is fungi. The compounds found in the fungi are called ergot. Psilocybin is the most common alkaloid found in mushrooms. Some animals synthesize alkaloids in their bodies through a strict diet. Plants are a big source of alkaloids. At present, scientists have successfully insulated more than 20,000 alkaloids. Scientists have studied around 600 among those alkaloids for their biological and therapeutic values. Nevertheless, 12,000 alkaloids isolated come from plants alone. Compounds offering beneficial effects have significant monetary values.

Some alkaloids are extremely popular and seen in daily life. However, certain alkaloids are overlooked a lot. Over time, we have discovered the potential of alkaloids present in the Kratom plants.

Alkaloids: Properties

Alkaloids have a wide range of properties. Some have anti-inflammatory and antibiotic effects, and some have analgesic, antiparasitic, antibacterial, and antimicrobial effects, which gained them immense popularity.

Are Alkaloids Good for You?

Now that you have learned so much about these amazing organic compounds, you may be wondering if they are good for you or not. There is no precise answer to it. Some alkaloids are beneficial and meet your requirements perfectly, while some are moderately effective.

Alkaloids Present in Kratom

Kratom plants grow natively in the tropical forests of certain Southeast Asian countries. Every Kratom strain has an exclusive biochemical composition based on soil composition, fertility, weather elements, and other factors. Mitragynine, 7-hydroxymitragynine, stipulatine, speciogynine, mitraphylline, speciofoline, are a few of the many alkaloids present in Kratom plants. With numerous Kratom strains in the market, it is very difficult to understand their alkaloid profiles. Strains like Maeng Da Kratom claim to have an exceptional potency level compared to their rival Kratom variants. Like Yellow Borneo Kratom, Red Hulu Kratom, and White Maeng Da Kratom have a spectrum of alkaloid profiles, making them very effective and enjoyable.

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Happy Kratom!