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Top Versatile Kratom Strains of 2020

Top Versatile Kratom Strains of 2020

Kratom is a tropical tree, which grows natively in certain forest regions of Southeast Asian countries. It requires a tropical climate and a specific environmental condition to thrive well. Kratom belongs to the extended family of coffee and is named as “Mitragyna Speciosa” in scientific terms. Countless people across the world are discovering the versatility of several kratom strains.

Kratom plants are divided into several strains or variants based on the location of the kratom plants and its leaf-vein color. Kratom strains have individual biochemical properties and uniqueness that define the strains’ distinct benefits. There are some strains as well, which are very popular for their effects and efficacy. Now, we are going to recognize some of the versatile kratom strains which are making headlines in 2020. So, let’s get started.

Best Versatile Kratom Strains of 2020

We have arranged some of the best versatile kratom strains based on their popularity in 2020. The most popular ones are at the top, but the order can change from time to time as their demands change in the kratom-loving community. Let’s go over the best versatile kratom strains now.

  • Bali Kratom: It is the most popular and versatile kratom strain among all. It is one of the most ancient Kratom variants on this planet. People considered Bali as the herb itself since no other strains were discovered back then. Notably, it is around us for a long time and has wooed everyone with its various beneficial effects.  It originates in the forest of Borneo. Centuries back, the strain was shipped via Bali and hence it was named so. Check out Krave Kratom Bali.
  • Maeng Da Kratom: It is the second most popular Kratom strain after Bali. The term Maeng Da means pimp grade in literal sense. Maeng Da kratom strain refers to an umbrella strain with multiple strains under it. There is nothing wrong to refer to this strain as a versatile one. Check out Krave Kratom Maeng Da.
  • White Thai Kratom: The name of this strain arose from the jungles of Thailand and had a whitish leaf-vein color. Though recently discovered, the kratom strain got immensely popular in a short time. Thai kratom has three sub-strain, green, red and white among which the latter is soothing and potent. It is found to be very effective in multiple situations earning the strain third place in this list. Check out Krave Kratom White Thai.
  • Green Malay: It is a kratom strain which comes from the forests of Malaysia and has a green leaf-vein color. The main characteristics of the leaves of this kratom strain is that its leaves are oval in shape and have a dark green color. It is a versatile kratom strain with calming and pleasing aids. It is one of the most demanded kratom strains but with milder and enjoyable effects. Check out Krave Kratom Green Malay.
  • Gold Kratom: Every manufacturer has a unique recipe for creating Gold Kratom. For instance, we at Krave Botanicals prepare our bestselling Krave Kratom Gold Kratom by combining five diverse kratom strains in a specific ration. We wanted to ensure you get all their benefits in a single formula where none of the effects of one strain overwhelm the others’. It is a mild kratom strain with extreme versatility. Hence, you can expect it to cater to many of your needs. Check out Krave Kratom Gold.
  • CBD Infused Kratom: CBD Infused Kratom is worth mentioning in this list because of its multipurpose efficacy. We have combined the goodness of two favorites; CBD and Kratom together to bring you their benefits in one. We harvest CBD or Cannabidiol extracts from hemp plants since they have a higher concentration of CBD. Then mix it with 100% pure kratom powder in a soothing ratio to give you the best Krave Kratom CBD Infused Kratom powder and capsules. it may not be a perfect strain to be mentioned in this list, it has a myriad of benefits that make it versatile. Check out Krave Kratom CBD Infused Kratom.

Above, we have mentioned all the top and popular kratom strains of 2020 that are best-known for their wide range of benefits. Hurry up if you haven’t tried them yet. It is always great to try out new strains and break your regular kratom cycle. Are you wondering where you can get 100% pure, high-quality, versatile kratom strains? Check out Krave Kratom Powder and Krave Kratom Capsules right away. We have an exclusive product line for all your unique needs. You can try ordering our Krave Kratom Samples for the beginning and don’t forget to enjoy free shipping on all your orders.

Happy Kratom!

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