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Thai Kratom: A Brief History

Krave Botanicals welcomes you to another weekly Kratom blog, where we try to share with you interesting Kratom information, tips, tricks, and guides to help you with your upcoming Kratom purchases. All these years, we have come across different Kratom variants. The herb has its origin in the dense tropical jungle of certain Southeast Asian countries. Thailand is one such Asian nation that is counted among the biggest Kratom producers around the globe. The herb has an extensive history there, where it grows in the wild. Surprisingly, these wild-grown herb strains are the source of several other regional Kratom variants that Kratom lovers recognize and love.

Today, we will dig deep into the complex history of Thai Kratom and provide you with every detail that you need to know in this weekly Krave Kratom blog post.

Wild Thai Kratom: What Is It?

The term “Wild Thai Kratom” strains might have already piqued your curiosity and you must be wondering what this is. Believe it or not, it is the mother of all the Thai variants of the Kratom herb that you have ever known about and loved.

In simpler words, the Wild Thai Kratom strain is the feral, uncultivated form of today’s Thai Kratom herb. These Kratom plants grow in the wild regions of Thai, untouched by any discriminatory agricultural practices that have paved the path to modern Thai Kratom we all know.

Can Kratom Lovers Access Wild Thai Kratom? Is It Worth Being Tried?

The answer would be no for both the questions. It is natural, uncultivated; therefore, it is not that potent in comparison to the other Kratom strains available to us. Cultivated Thai Kratom has improved over generations with selective and careful agricultural and breeding practices that adjust and enhance the herb’s alkaloid composition and its potency. So, even if you can locate a wild Thai Kratom, you are unlikely to experience the signature benefits that modern Thai Kratom offers you.

Thailand: Offering Perfect Growing Conditions for Kratom

As we all know, Kratom plants require specific environmental conditions like lots of humidity, high temperature, and an abundance of water to thrive well. Honestly, the environment of Thailand is one factor that makes the Kratom strain so exclusive. The country got all these natural conditions that help the plant to thrive. Moreover, the soil of Thailand contains certain nutrients that help the plants to bloom naturally. Along with all these elements, the Thai Kratom farmers and cultivators have acquired years of experience in growing the best Thai Kratom.

Thai Kratom: How It All Started

Since Thai Kratom is so widely popular, many believe that it is a part of the native Thai people’s daily life. It was true in history, as in 1943, it got banned by the Thai legislature. The law that banned it is known as the Kratom Act 2486.  Primarily, the Thai government was intending to regulate another substance. Regardless of their intentions, the law left a deep and enduring impact on the practice and accessibility of Kratom across the region.

However, even then, Kratom directives were scarce and only seldom imposed. In the year 1979, it became the least implementation priority among the banned substances.

Kratom in Thailand: Now

Regardless of everything, the future of Thai Kratom appears to be very bright.

Finally, in August 2021, the native government officially legalized it. Therefore, this beneficial herb can now be enjoyed more freely. Its global stigma will reduce, increasing its supply around the world. It is a big victory for all the Thai kratom-lovers in Thailand and worldwide.

Thai Kratom: The Closure

From the origin of the undomesticated Wild Thai Kratom to cultivating and domesticating it to be modern-day Thai Kratom; the strain has a long history. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular Kratom variants the world has ever known. Despite all the lasting global stigma, it is widely available worldwide than it was earlier. The Thai Kratom has a robust alkaloid composition and is available in different vein colors. No wonder Thailand is the producer of some of the finest kratom variants available in the market.

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Happy Kratom!