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Testing Kratom for Quality: How to Understand the Results

If you have purchased Kratom online, then you must have seen the term “lab-tested Kratom” at several places. The term plays an essential role to ensure the highest quality standards, product safety, complete transparency, and authenticity. When you are looking for a good Kratom vendor make sure their products are lab-tested. Some mention results on their website, while some results can be accessed by scanning the QR code mentioned on the package.

Even though Kratom products look like simple leaf powder, extracts, capsules, or liquids, it demands plenty of hard work, time, and resources to get there in its most potent and purest form. Therefore, it is best to work with the reputed Kratom vendors, who got their products tested, via independent testing experts. We understand it is not easy for everyone to understand the results. For this reason, we have dedicated this blog to simplifying the Kratom Lab results for you.

Kratom Product Lab-Test Result: Breakdown

During the lab-testing procedure, the Kratom product samples are checked for various substances like heavy metals and pathogens that can be hazardous for humans. The experts also check the concentration of certain Kratom biochemical compounds that are naturally present in the Kratom leaves.

Heavy Metals

Heavy metals like lead mercury, cadmium, arsenic can also be found in kratom products. With the help of sophisticated and effective lab tests, it is easy to detect and remove such heavy metals. While we can’t eliminate all traces of potentially harmful substances, the primary reason for having these tests is to get insights into the levels present in samples tested and then provide that information to consumers. There are a lot of heavy metals present in the environment which can get into the trees through the soil, water, and other elements. The threshold suitable for these metals in the Kratom products is as follows:

  • Mercury – below 0.41PPM
  • Cadmium – below 0.85 PPM
  • Lead – below 1.2 PPM
  • Arsenic – below 2 PPM


Pathogens like viruses, mold, salmonella, yeast, staphylococcus aureus and bacteria can cause bacterial disease or infections. Certain pathogens present in higher concentrations can cause hostile reactions among people with allergies.  Here are the acceptable limits of these pathogens in the Kratom products.

  • Salmonella – zero in 25 grams
  • Mold – below 100,000 CFU per gram
  • Yeast – below 100,000 CFU per gram
  • E. Coli – zero in 10 grams
  • Coliforms – below 100,000 CFU per gram
  • Staphylococcus aureus – zero in 10 grams

Kratom Alkaloids

Apart from the pathogens and heavy metals, these lab tests also check alkaloid concentration in the Kratom product. Kratom plants contain around 20 identified alkaloids, among which 7-Hydroxymitragynine and Mitragynine are very important because of their amazing effects. The alkaloid concentration largely depends on the soil composition, absorption of nutrients, harvesting process, and drying process. Irrespective of the form, Kratom products with higher alkaloid concentrations are likely to be more potent. Hence, a proper and suitable threshold has been identified for the alkaloids.

  • 7-Hydroxymitragynine – Zero to 0.10 or below 2%
  • Mitragynine – 0.25 or below 2% 

How to Understand the Kratom Lab Results 

Now that you know what the lab test checks for and their role, it is important that you understand the test results. Here are a few things that you should observe in the lab results.

  • Make sure it has been performed by an authorized third-party lab rather than the vendor. It makes the products more authentic and credible. 
  • Check that the strain is precisely accurate, tested, and have the lab test result mentioned.
  • See the date of the lab test result to ensure it has been tested recently. If the dates are not mentioned, contact them to verify.
  • Assess the results for pathogens, heavy metals considering all the limits mentioned above, gauge the alkaloid content considering the limits, we have mentioned above.

It is essential to gauge a Kratom product properly before you buy it. Having the products lab-tested by an accredited, independent lab makes the vendor reliable and boosts your confidence. The ultimate goal of these tests is to ensure the complete safety of the kratom lovers who buy Kratom. Therefore, order Kratom online from reputed Kratom manufacturers who follow the best industry practices. At Krave Botanicals, we handpick every single Kratom leaf for preparing our premium-grade Kratom products. We are careful and proactive to ensure your safety and wellbeing. Check out our lab-test Krave Kratom Products here to get started right away. You will surely love it! 


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