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Red Dragon or Red Hulu or Red Thai: What’s the Difference?

Red Dragon or Red Hulu or Red Thai: What’s the Difference?

Krave Botanicals brings you some of the exquisite variants of Kratom that offer you some fantastic set of effects. If you are a true Kratom-lover, then you must have heard of the following Kratom strains: Red Dragon, Red Hulu and Red Thai. You may wonder, all these are Kratom strains with a red-colored leaf vein then how are they different from each other. Let us illuminate you on their acute differences in this Krave Kratom blog post. Without any further delays, let us jump into the topic.

Red Dragon: The Strain

Generally, a kratom is named after the location of its origin and color of leaf veins. However, this strain is a little different as you can already guess. The strain is called ‘Red Dragon’ because of its reddish tint. It has some significant resemblances with Red Thai. Both are red and also mimic each other in terms of effects. Most of the Kratom experts believe that both of them come from the same deepest regions of the Thai jungles. Probably they share the same set of environmental elements like rain, soil composition, and temperature that contribute towards their similarities.

Red Hulu: The Strain

It is considered to be a sporadic kind of Kratom strain that comes from an inaccessible region of Borneo. There is a densely wild Hulu region through which a river named Kapuas flows. The strain comes from this forest and is named after the area. Many of the kratom vendors know about the strain, but only a few including us have the means to access the region and get you the best Red Hulu Kratom capsules. Krave Kratom Red Hulu Powder and Capsules are made from the most matured leaves of this strain. It is highly potent and has impressed a large section of the kratom community within a short time since its inception.

Red Thai: The Strain

Kratom strain that grows in the jungles of Thailand and has a reddish leaf-vein color is known as Red Thai Kratom. The herb is prevalent for having a higher concentration of biochemical properties and thus more potent than green and white Thai Kratom.

We have shared a short overview of each of these Kratom strains, so you are aware of their uniqueness. Now, let us pinpoint all the main differences between them.

Differences Between Red Hulu, Red Dragon and Red Thai Kratom

  1.  Each strain may have some similarities, but one cannot deny that they also have unique biochemical composition.
  2. Red Hulu Kratom is rarer than Red Dragon and Red Thai Kratom. The place where it grows is hard to access, and not many Kratom vendors have means to reach and identify the strain leaves.
  3. It is widely believed that Red Thai and Red Dragon are similar because they come from the same location. They got identical color and effects as well. However, it is essential to note that Red Dragon Kratom is more potent and robust than Red-veined Thai Kratom.
  4. While Red Hulu comes from Borneo island in Indonesia, Red Thai and Red Dragon come from the forests of Thailand.
  5. Though all of the strains have red-colored leaf veins, there is a big difference between the effects of Red Thai, Red Dragon and Red Hulu Kratom.

Those were the differences based on their effects, origin and other features. Kindly note, if we are staying this strain is more potent than the other one, that is purely based on its general analysis.

Krave Kratom Red Dragon and Krave Kratom Red Hulu

We, at Krave Botanicals, wanted to bring you a diverse collection of fantastic Kratom strains.

  • Krave Kratom Red Dragon Powder and Capsules. The strain has several effects that are very similar to other strains, but it is much more potent and enjoyable. We manufacture Krave Kratom Red Dragon Powder and Capsules with a unique process which makes this herb different from others. Believe it or not, it is a big miss if you have not tried it yet.
  • Krave Kratom Red Hulu Powder and Capsules. We searched the jungles of Hulu to bring you the very rare and very fantastic Kratom strain as Krave Kratom Red Hulu Kratom. Our team handpicked the fully matured leaves of Kulu Kratom to prepare this kratom powder and capsules.

Though we have not yet included Red Thai in our product line, we have Krave Kratom White Thai Powder and Capsules that will bring up a new side of Thai Kratom. If you are new, we suggest you make a small purchase (preferably a Krave Kratom sample for $4.95) to see which strain you like the most then order in bulk. No matter, what is your order value, enjoy free shipping on all you order!

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