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Pure Kratom Is Expensive, But You Can Still Save Money

Like every week, we will share something informative with you today. Often, we get asked regarding our product pricing. Many of you think they are expensive compared to the other Kratom brands available in the market. Today, we will explore why is pure Kratom is expensive, and how you can still save money buying it.

Let us start methodically with what makes a Kratom powder pure and why it is so expensive.

What Is Pure Kratom?

Kratom is an herb that has its origin in the dense tropical wilds of certain nations of Southeast Asia and Africa. It belongs to the extended family of coffee plants. A Kratom product is considered pure and natural when treated naturally and prepared without any synthetic additive. For instance, at Krave Botanicals, we have a dedicated team of Kratom experts who manually picks Kratom leaves in the best condition. Once we bring them to our factory, another team checks the lot for any stem or rotten leaf or leaf of a different strain. After that, we wash the leaves with lukewarm water to remove all the soil. Then, we drain out the excess water and spread the leaves thinly on large drying trays. Depending on the product, we dry them in Dehydrators, under the sun or in the shade, or in other ways. After they turn crisp, we powder the leaves into a smooth powder. Then, we sieve the dust multiple times to ensure a smooth texture. Finally, we either forward it to our capsule-making department or measure and pack in fixed quantities as 100% pure and natural Krave Kratom Powder.

Pure Kratom Is Expensive: Why

Acquiring the best Kratom leaves and making premium-grade pure Kratom products seek resources and expertise. Not every vendor has them. But at Krave Botanicals, we choose only the best Kratom leaves, no matter how far our team has to explore the Kratom wilds searching for them. We want nothing but to provide the best to our passionate Krave Kratom customers. To ensure that, we have a dedicated team of Kratom experts working day and night to bring you impressive Kratom products, blends, and recipes. Moreover, we ensure zero involvement of chemicals, whether it is a cleaning agent, colorant, or fragrance while making our Krave Kratom products.

Because of the intricacy of acquiring the best Kratom leaves and manufacturing high-quality products naturally, they are likely to be pricey. The price itself indicates it is good-quality or not.

Why Should You Buy Pure Kratom Only?

We are committed to offering you 100% natural Kratom that is pure. You may have come across many cheaper Kratom products, but there is a marked difference in our quality. One can always test to see the differences themselves. Even vendors or intermediaries are adulterating pure Kratom powder with cheap herbal powder to increase the volume and profit margins. It is not only about the money, but you don’t even know if the powder is injurious to you or not. Again, you will not get the same benefits that pure Kratom would have offered you.

When you are ordering it online from our official Krave Kratom store, you are getting it from us, the manufacturer itself. We are committed to serving you with premium Kratom products that you will enjoy.

How Can You Save Money with Pure Kratom?

Pure Kratom is comparatively pricey, but you can still save your hard-earned money ordering your favorite products. Purchasing pure Kratom in a small batch can be heavy on your pocket. For instance, if you compare the price of four 60-gram containers of Krave Kratom Powder with a 250-gram pack, there is a marked difference of $29.97. Instead of purchasing a 60-grams pack of Krave Kratom Powder four times, ordering a single bag of 250-grams of powder will save you several dollars. Again, if you order 1000-grams, you will rake in even more savings. Apart from saving more, you also enjoy consistency in the quality and effects when buying in bulk. Regardless of the quantity or order value, we also offer free shipping across the country.

The Trick to Know Your Strain

If you are wondering how to assess which strain will suit you best without investing in bulk purchases, we have you sorted. Krave Botanicals brings you Krave Kratom Samples only for $4.95. Each sample pack contains ten capsules of the strain you prefer. You can test and assess if you like it or not before ordering in bulk.

To conclude,

Pure Kratom Is Expensive, But You Can Still Save Money.