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Krave Kratom

Kratom Liquid: Pros & Cons

Before we tell you about kratom liquid, how it is made, what are its good and bad sides we will dig a little into the reason behind creating the liquid version of kratom.

Evolution of Kratom Liquid
Earlier (we are talking about thousands of years back), it was available only as the leaves of kratom plants which grew and still grow in the tropical forests of the South East Asian and African countries. With the increasing popularity, the native people started to export it to other countries, but by the time it reached its destination, the leaves went bad. Thus, the leaves were dried and ground. Since then, it is extremely popular, but then it takes up too much of space and people wanted something more handy and convenient – thus the kratom liquid was prepared.

How Is Kratom Liquid Prepared?
Each manufacturer has a different way to prepare kratom liquid. For example, we at Krave Botanicals use cold press extraction process to make our concentrates. During the process, all the biochemical properties of the leaves are extracted into the liquid and remain in a concentrated form.

Pros of Kratom Liquid

  • Can be stored for long without taking much space.
  • Can be easily carried around.
  • Works instantly.
  • Extremely convenient.

Cons of Kratom Liquid

  • Not ideal for new kratom lovers.

To conclude, Kratom Liquid is fantastic for those who are long-standing kratom enthusiasts for all the reasons we mentioned above. The only downside is that it is neither appropriate nor recommended for new aficionados.