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Kratom Showdown: MaengDa vs White Thai

We always try to compare different strains for one simple reason – we want you to make an informed decision when buying kratom. While every strain appears somewhat similar and in shades of green but there are some significant differences. Moreover, each and every variant of kratom is unique in because of its biochemical composition and effects.

This week we have picked one already-established kratom strain (MaengDa) and another increasingly-popular White Thai kratom for this showdown post. So, let us get started now:

MaengDa Kratom
  MaengDa Kratom

MaengDa Kratom: This strain hardly needs any introduction; however, it is the second-most popular kratom variant around the world.
It is a kind of Thai kratom which comes from Mitragyna Speciosa plants that grow in the forests of Thailand and Malaysia.
The word MaengDa means pimp-grade. Like any other strain, it also has three different veins – red, white and green.
Green-vein MaengDa is the most popular of all.

White Thai Kratom
 White Thai Kratom

White Thai Kratom: Thai kratom is regarded as an Umbrella strain to many other strains which include Bali, MaengDa and so on. The leaves of MaengDa kratom plants, from which the ultimate kratom product is prepared are bright green in color. Among all the veins, it is the white-veined Thai kratom that is winning over thousands of kratom fans’ hearts. People highly appreciate its versatile calming effects.

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