Kratom Showdown: MaengDa vs. Bali

August 23, 2018 12:54 pm Published by

Many people take and use kratom for different reasons and purposes. There are different strains of kratom with unique biochemical properties and thus differing usefulness. Two of the most popular strains of kratom are MaengDa and Bali Kratom for different purposes. You may wonder what’s the difference between them – don’t worry you are not alone. Many have this question, which is why we have decided on this topic in today’s post.
As we all know, we differentiate the kratom strains on two bases; one is the color of the vein, and another is the origin. Two of the most popular strains are MaengDa and Bali, and this is a face-off post.

MaengDa Kratom
It is the pimp-grade Thai kratom strain growing in the land of Malaysia and Thailand. The leaves are bright green. MaengDa is the most popular strain available to us. Among all its varieties, green vein MaengDa is high-quality.



Bali Kratom
Bali is another strain that comes from the forests of Borneo. It is named Bali because of its use as the kratom strain’s transportation hub. Being economically priced than the other variants and versatile, it has successfully created a high-demand for itself around the world. There are three variants of this kratom as well – red, white and green vein kratom.





The Bottom Line
They are different in their composition, origin but equal in popularity. They have their share of usefulness and thus own fan-following. Both of them are versatile and effective. However, the ultimate decision is yours. If you want to try these strains, then order for KRAVE KRATOM SAMPLE packs!