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Krave Kratom’s Most Popular Strains of 2019

At Krave Kratom, we always aim at providing you the best and purest Kratom products. We started off with two-three strains, but with every year with your appreciation, we have expanded to have more amazing strains. So long, Bali kratom was the ruling strain available, but it’s a different scenario today. Today, we have discovered many ancient kratom strains that got lost over time, created exceptional new blends that have become very popular among the avid kratom enthusiasts.

In this week’s post, we will disclose the names of all the strains that have become exceptionally popular in 2019. So, let’s get started:


This is the most versatile kratom strain, according to the kratom-lovers. Bali with its origin in Borneo is said to be effective for many purposes. Earlier where there wasn’t any other kratom strain discovered, Bali was standardized as the Kratom.


It is our in-house blend of 11 stunning kratom strains each with some great properties. This full spectrum variant is a big hit this year.


It is also regarded as an Umbrella strain to other strains like Maeng Da, Bali, etc. White Thai is prepared from the bright green, white-veined leaves of kratom plants grown in the wilds of Thailand. The strain is famed for its soothing effects.


Recently, CBD or Cannabidiol has become extremely popular. It is a plant-based compound extracted from the Hemp and Cannabis plants. We have combined this extract with pure kratom powder in our CBD Infused Kratom products.


Acquired from the Hulu region of Borneo, this kratom strain is very rare to find. Finally, we have successfully included this strain in our product line. People love its potency and versatility which is due to its unique alkaloid composition.


It got the name because of its red color and is alike to Red Thai Kratom. The exquisite kratom strain is very new to the market but has mounted the ladder fame in no time.

Now you can avail these strains both in powder and capsule forms at Krave Kratom. We offer you 100% pure, chemical-free, organic kratom along with free and discreet shipping on all orders. Furthermore, there is no minimum purchase-value obligation.

If you haven’t tried these Krave Kratom Strains yet, then you are missing something amazing. Hurry up, order your favorite Kratom Strains now.

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