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Krave Kratom

Krave Kratom Shot vs. Krave Kratom Extract Hybrid Capsules

Krave Kratom Shot vs. Krave Kratom Extract Hybrid Capsules

This week’s blog is a face-off between two unique products prepared with extracts of the Kratom plant. However, that doesn’t mean these products are identical in terms of effects, properties, or form. We are talking about Krave Kratom Shot and Krave Kratom Extract Hybrid Capsules. While the earlier comes in fluid form, the latter comes in a capsule and powder format. Both the products are exceptionally unique and very effective, making it hard to compare them.

Origin and Manufacturing

Krave Kratom Shot

Krave Kratom Shot is a 100% pure and high-quality Kratom extract. A single 59ml bottle of Krave Kratom Shot contains the alkaloids of several grams of pure Kratom powder in a high concentration. It is potent and robust. Unless you are an extreme Kratom devotee, we highly recommend you not to try this yourself.

There are multiple ways how a manufacturer can extract the concentrate, but Krave Botanicals prefer the cold press extraction methodology to prepare it.

Krave Kratom Extract Hybrid Capsules

If you are a true Kratom lover, then you must have already heard about Krave Kratom Extract Hybrid by now. It is a brilliantly crafted product that made to our product line very recently. Neither Krave Kratom Extract Hybrid is similar to the regular kratom capsules you enjoy regularly, nor is it the usual extract product you generally relish. It is a fusion of both and much more. The product is prepared from the extract of the hybrid kratom plant. We have mimicked diverse Kratom strains’ key traits into the parent Kratom plant with the grafting method of cultivation. We obtain pure concentrate from this Hybrid Kratom plant’s leaves, which we condense to prepare Krave Kratom Extract Hybrid Capsules. It is also available in powder form. From the time it has been introduced, there is a lot of uproar in the market. The entire Kratom community is loving it. Those who are bored with their usual Kratom strains and seek something more robust and exciting will find this truly unique.


Krave Kratom Shot

It is more potent and robust than the regular Kratom powder and capsules you have tried so far. Only a few drops of Krave Kratom Shot does the job of a few Kratom Capsules. It works faster and more efficiently than Kratom powder and capsules. What appears to be a downside of this Krave Kratom Shot is that it is not recommended for every Kratom lover. It is ideal only for the extreme Kratom enthusiasts.

Krave Kratom Extract Hybrid Capsules

Until now, different strains are mixed together in powder form. This is the first time Krave Botanicals has tried something futuristic. We have created an ultimate Kratom Hybrid variant naturally, which possesses multiple popular Kratom strains’ qualities and properties. We have obtained the best leaves from this hybrid kratom plant and got its concentrate. This extract has the characteristics of multiple Kratom strains. There is no recipe or formula applied to it. In contrast, those strains are combined naturally with the grafting method of cultivation. Hence, you get the highly potent characteristics of many strains, while in Krave Kratom Shot, it was only one strain.

Even if we compare it with our bestseller, Krave Kratom CBD Infused Kratom, in terms of potency and robustness, Krave Kratom Extract Hybrid comes out as a clear winner. There are two reasons behind it. Firstly, one Kratom strain and pure Cannabidiol extract blended in a balanced ratio to make it soothing. But it is an amalgamation of many. Secondly, a small portion of Krave Kratom CBD Infused Kratom is the CBD extract. Still, Krave Kratom Extract Hybrid is entirely an extract making it more potent and powerful than any other Kratom product available in the market.

Competitive Analysis

To make it simple and precise, Krave Kratom Extract Hybrid is more effective and more potent than Krave Kratom Shot. The latter has limited benefits to offer, whereas extract Hybrid has a magnitude of fantastic effects to present. Depending on your level of Kratom familiarity, you are suggested to go for them. However, kindly note that both the products are not meant for the newbie Kratom lovers.

No matter what you prefer, you will surely love them both. They will give you the best Kratom session ever experienced. And now, you can enjoy free shipping on all your orders despite the quantity of your purchase.

Don’t waste time wondering which is the best. Consider our diagnostic blog to make your choice and order accordingly.

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