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Krave Kratom Powder vs. Ordinary Kratom Powder

Krave Botanicals welcomes all the Kratom lovers to another weekly Krave Kratom blog. We always try to familiarize and guide you with Kratom and related situations. Whether it is about buying the best Kratom online or understanding the effects of a strain, you can trust and look upon Krave Botanicals for the most authentic information and guidance. Even today, we are attempting to help you understand the difference between Krave Kratom Powder and Ordinary Kratom Powder.

Krave Kratom Powder vs. Ordinary Kratom Powder

Krave Botanicals is one of the leading Kratom manufacturers and vendors in the market. However, you may come across many more vendors and manufacturers claiming to offer you the best quality, premium Kratom products. With so many Kratom products in the market, it is often confusing for Kratom enthusiasts, especially beginners, to identify the best and 100% pure Kratom products. For this reason, we will talk about Krave Kratom Powder vs. Ordinary Kratom Powder.

Krave Kratom Powder

Krave Botanicals is not just a Kratom vendor, but we manufacturer the Kratom products ourselves. From harvesting the best Kratom leaves to the packaging of prepared Kratom products; every step of the manufacturing process is monitored by our highly trained quality-control professionals.

We have a dedicated team of Kratom experts who are well-familiarized with different Kratom strains. They identify the best Kratom leaves for the products and hand pick them. Even when the leaves are brought to the manufacturing unit, they are treated organically. Firstly, we wash the Kratom leaves with lukewarm water to remove all dirt from them. We opt for lukewarm water, as it doesn’t damage the biochemical composition of the leaves, and keep it as effective as it was.

At Krave Botanicals, we employ different drying methods for preparing various kinds of Kratom products. Once the leaves are crisp and dry, we ground them into powder. But it is not ready, yet we sieve it multiple times to ensure its smooth consistency before we pack it.

Kratom Botanicals has a big team of Kratom professionals. We understand what makes Kratom high-quality and how it stays fresh without losing its beneficial properties. Hence, we pack the Kratom powder right after it is created, so it is not exposed to the sun or moisture.

We also offer Krave Kratom Samples available for $4.95. Each of the sample packs contains ten capsules of the Kratom strain you have chosen. So, you can test the product and its effects before bulk investing it. The Krave Kratom products are tested for their efficacy.

Ordinary Kratom Powder

It is seen several times that the Kratom vendors are not aware of the Kratom strains, product benefits as they are not directly in touch with the Kratom manufacturer. Hence, there are chances that you get Maeng Da while you have asked for Borneo. Many of the vendors and intermediaries adulterate the powder with cheap herbal powder to increase its volume. They can sell them at a low price and still make profits, unlike pure Kratom powder.

Also, they may not offer samples of their product, so you can test it before purchasing. Only the manufacturer can guarantee you the authenticity of the Kratom product and how it has been prepared. They hardly test their products for their content and efficacy.

The Bottom Line

To conclude, we take special care throughout the harvesting, manufacturing, and delivering process, so you get fresh, 100% authentic, pure Krave Kratom Powder. With the ordinary Kratom Powder, there is no such peace of mind. Krave Botanicals is committed to offering only pure and genuine Kratom products, making the Kratom powder a little pricey.

The ordinary Kratom powder may come at an economical price, but they are not necessarily high quality. They are most likely to be impure and fake. Hence, you should purchase your Kratom powder only from the Kratom manufacturers like Krave Botanicals. If you are still confused, try procuring both the ordinary and Krave Kratom powder and test them against each other to see their effects.

From Bali, Maeng Da, Red Hulu, White Thai, Green Malay to Yellow Borneo, we have an extensive assortment of premium grade Kratom strains available in powder and capsule forms. You can choose as per your liking or test the samples before making a final call. The best thing is that you can enjoy free delivery to your doorstep on all your orders across the nation. Hurry up, waste no time, check out our exclusive Krave Kratom powders and other products to get started.

Happy Kratom!