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Krave Kratom

Krave Kratom Powder Overview


For many hundreds of years, people in South East Asia have been using kratom. Finally, it has reached the western half of the world. Krave Botanicals brings you the finest, purest, and high-quality powder made from the leaves of kratom plants that grown in the tropical forests of Africa and south-eastern Asian countries. Let’s skip the fascinating history of the kratom origin and take you to our Krave Kratom Powders.

Kratom leaves have a short shelf life and also people in the western world are not major followers of chewing natural kratom leaves. Thus came the Kratom Powder, which has not only added sheer convenience to the users but also comes along with better shelf life. Kratom Powder is the grounded i.e. base form of kratom prepared from the dried leaves of Kratom plants (Mitragyna Speciosa).

100% natural and unadulterated Kratom Powder must not have any sorts of colors, aroma or additives in it. In addition, there shouldn’t be any bad leaves or stems pulverized into it. There are different strains of leaves, so they must be blended.

Preparation Of Kratom Powder

Preparing kratom Powder is a much longer process which requires both human effort as well as grinding machines. A team of highly trained professionals spends their time carefully selecting relevant kratom leaves according to the strains and vein colors so that no two variants get mixed up.  Now the leaves are again checked to ensure that there are no stems or rotten leaves which are then washed with water for a couple of times for removing sand and dust. After draining out all the excess water, they are spread on dehydrator trays and dried until they turn dry and crisp. The crunchiness of the leaves ensures that they are ready-for-grinding and now they are crushed into a powder.

Then the finely grounded powder is sieved through a fine mesh strainer to ensure there is no lump of big leaf, and the dust is smooth. At last, we get fresh kratom powder which is then measured and packed quantity-wise and transported all over the world.


Types Of Kratom Powder

We have brought you three different varieties of Kratom Powder which are as follows:

  • Krave Kratom Bali Powder: It is the most popular strain in the world and is prepared from the leaves of kratom plants growing in Borneo.
  • Krave Kratom MaengDa Powder: Right after Bali kratom, is Krave Kratom MaengDa powder which is manufactured from the green-vein kratom leaves of plants growing in jungles of Thailand and Malaysia. It is a pimp-grade kratom.
  • Krave Kratom Gold Powder: Thirdly, we have Gold kratom which is an exclusive in-house formula which is a blend of five different strains and their unique properties.

You can get Krave Kratom Powder in the packs of 60, 120 and 250 grams. To test the quality before buying them, you can order for Krave Kratom sample packs of 10 pills of the variant you prefer for only $4.95. So, hurry up, try Krave Kratom today!

** We have two more strains White Thai, and Green Malay but they are available in capsule forms.

Regardless of the fact that it is the base form, Kratom Powder has many benefits i.e. it has longer shelf-life, can be easier to measure the dose, can be used in the recipe and can be encapsulated in gelatin capsules.