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Krave Kratom

Krave Kratom Gold vs. Krave Kratom Red Dragon

Krave Kratom Gold vs. Krave Kratom Red Dragon

Hello Kratom lovers, and welcome to another insightful Krave Kratom blog. With so many Kratom strains and products available in the market, it is often very puzzling for kratom aficionados to make the right decision. Henceforth, we intend to guide you with the different Kratom products and strains and how you can enjoy the goodness of premium Krave Kratom Powder and Krave Kratom Capsules through our Krave Kratom blog posts.

Today, we are comparing two beautiful Krave Kratom products that are very different from each other yet, both of them are very popular and have a huge fan base. There is Krave Kratom Gold, one of our bestsellers on one hand, and Krave Kratom Red Dragon, a very potent Kratom strain on the other hand. Let us now quickly examine these two kratom products.

Krave Kratom Gold

For a long time, Krave Kratom Gold has been at the top of our best-selling Kratom products. Every manufacturer has a unique recipe to prepare Gold Kratom. As for Krave Botanicals, we prepare it by combining five magnificent Kratom strains each of which has an exclusive biochemical composition. Because of this amazing composition, and properties, these strains offer some special benefits and effectively cater to people’s unique requirements.

Our team of Kratom experts, handpicks the best leaves ensuring that none of the strains mix with others. We also make sure that there is no stem or bad leaf in it. Once the leaves are brought to our manufacturing unit, our team goes through the lot to ensure the leaves are good. Then they are washed with lukewarm water to remove dirt and soil. After draining the excess water, we then spread them thinly on large trays for the drying process. Depending on the strain, we opt for different drying methods. While some are dried under sunlight or UV light, some are put in dehydrators. Once the leaves turn crisp, we powder the kratom leaves into fine dust. We do it one strain at a time. After that, we filter the powders through a fine net, so all the big leaf chunks get eliminated and the powders have a smooth texture.

After making powder from all the strains, we then blend them in a fixed ratio. Our team has brainstormed to prepare a magnificent Krave Kratom Gold recipe ensuring all the strains benefit you in harmony and none of them overpower the effects of others. This is what you call the very amazing Krave Kratom Gold Powder. We also have it encapsulated for your convenience.

Krave Kratom Red Dragon

The origin of the Kratom strain is somewhat mysterious. However, it is deemed that it is prepared from a special kind of kratom plant that grows only in a region deep inside the jungles of Thailand. The soil composition, fertility rate, and climate together contribute towards its unique biochemical structure, making this strain exclusively amazing.

After procuring the leaves from the remote jungle area, the leaves are brought to our factory where they are treated with utmost care and without any synthetic substances. We prepare all our products organically, so you can enjoy nothing but the best. It is potent yet very soothing. Unsurprisingly, it has gained immense popularity within a short time since its introduction.

Pricing and Availability

Whether you prefer Krave Kratom Gold or Krave Kratom Red Dragon, the powder is obtainable in packs of 60,120, 250, 500, and 1000 gm. for $19.99, $29.99, $49.99, $69.99, $99.99 respectively. As for the Krave Kratom Gold and Krave Kratom Red Dragon Capsules, you can buy them in the counts of 30, 75, 150, 300, 500, and 1000 units for $12.99. $24.99, $39.99, $59.99, $79.99 and $149.99 respectively.

Krave Kratom Gold vs. Krave Kratom Red Dragon

Both are wonderful in their place. Hence it is hard to state which one is better than the other. However, they differ in terms of potency and effects. For instance, gold is comparatively mild than the Red Dragon. It offers the goodness of five strains while red dragon is a standalone kratom strain. Krave Kratom Red Dragon is robust, and effective that can entice any avid kratom devotee in no time. Depending on your familiarity with Kratom, and your requirements, you should choose the right strain. To start, we suggest our Krave Kratom Samples that are available for only $4.95 to test the product. Lastly, we are offering you free nationwide shipping on all your orders so you can enjoy your Kratom better!

Happy Kratom!

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