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Krave Kratom

Krave Kratom Gold Overview

Welcome back to another weekly kratom blog. We have recently heard that many of you are confused and wonder what is the vein color of the leaves used for Krave Kratom Gold. So, we decided to share a secret with you.

Krave Kratom Gold Is Unique

Yes, you heard it right. It is a unique strain that is prepared not from one, but five different kratom leaves. This is the reason we never mention vein when talking about our Gold kratom. Do excuse us as we cannot tell you the exact strain names or share the blend formula. It is an exclusive in-house formula that makes Krave Kratom Gold so special. We at Krave Botanicals want to keep this special formula with us, but you can enjoy the outcome of this formula to your heart’s content. Whether you like powder or capsules, you will have no problem to indulge in Krave Botanicals’ amazing Gold Kratom experience.

Our Gold Kratom Is Different from Others

You may have seen many other kratom vendors selling gold kratom who claim that it is a special strain, and the leaves are being prepared via a special method or so. Kindly don’t mistake it with our Gold Kratom. Not every Gold Kratom you see in the market can match what Krave Botanicals offers you.

In case you are still worried about trying it out – we have got a great solution for you which comes in a small package of ten capsules of Krave Kratom Gold for only $4.95. All our products are organic and pure. We take special care to ensure that no bit of bad or rotten leaves or stems in there. You don’t have to believe what we are saying – test it and trust your own judgments. If you find it unique and worthy, come back and order some more Krave Kratom Gold!


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