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Kratom Then vs Kratom Now

Kratom Then vs Kratom Now

Hello everyone! Every week we explore the world of Kratom with a new perspective, and today we are going to compare today’s Kratom and how it was back then. Before we get started, let us tell you that Kratom has evolved drastically over many centuries. Kratom products are created from the leaves of Mitragyna Speciosa plants which belong to the family of the coffee family. The Kratom plants are natively found in the tropical forest regions of certain Southeast Asian nations. Evolution of Kratom is an exciting journey that is worth being explored. Without any ado, let’s jump onto it.

Kratom Then (Many Centuries Ago)

It was a local herb enjoyed by the natives of countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia in Southeast Asia. Kratom was a big part of their culture and status. It was primarily enjoyed in its raw form (raw leaves) during that time. For many centuries, Kratom remained conserved and hidden within the boundaries of those countries until the natives found the urge to export it for their economic growth.

Kratom Then (Last Few Decades)

As the locals started exporting the raw leaves, they experienced a new hurdle. Shipping was a time-consuming affair in those days, so by the time the shipment reached; the raw leaves got rotten. The vendors then thought of a solution and dried the leaves to extend their shelf life. Since then, Kratom reached the farthest corner of the world. Many people are studying these leaves for their amazing properties and effects. Back then, people or vendors were not much aware of the different Kratom variants. Bali Kratom that came from the jungles of Borneo was the main variant. Though named Bali, it doesn’t grow there. The Kratom strain is named after the city, which happened to be a transportation hub at that time. It was recognized as the herb itself. With time, the vendors started studying the leaves and learned more about its variants and their uniqueness.

Kratom Now (Last Few Years)

In the last few years, Kratom became a household name around the world. Now, the herb has a vast community that thoroughly enjoys it and gives the fame it deserves. The last decade has been a chest of great discoveries. We came to know that Kratom has several variants – they differ from each other in terms of their biochemical properties and effects. The strains are mainly classified on the basis of the location of the Kratom plants and the color of the leaf veins. Finally, we got more strains besides Bali. The second most popular strain after Bali is MaengDa Kratom followed by more strains like Green Malay, White Thai, White MaengDa, Red Dragon and so many more.

We have also progressed in making the Kratom herb handier and more convenient. Kratom is now available in the form of Kratom powder, capsules, as well as extracts. The dried kratom leaves are ground into a powder. This is the Kratom powder which is then either treated to capture the extracts inside or encapsulated in capsule shells.

Kratom Now

In the last few years, we have come up with some revolutionary ideas that manifest the goodness of Kratom by manifolds. For instance, Krave Kratom Gold Kratom Powder is a combination of five beautiful Kratom strains. We formulated a special Gold Kratom recipe where none of a strain’s properties gets overpowered by another’s. Later on, we create a full-spectrum Kratom product called Krave Kratom Trainwreck, which is a fusion of eleven extraordinary Kratom strains. With this Kratom, you get to enjoy a broad spectrum of benefits.

In the past few years, another thing has become immensely famous – Cannabidiol which is popularly known as CBD. It is one of the several Phyto-Cannabinoids present in the resinous flowers of cannabis and hemp plants. Our expert research team figured out an excellent way to give you the goodness of both of your favorites. We extract 100% pure CBD from hemp plants (they are rich in CBD as compared to Cannabis plants). It is then mixed with 100% pure Kratom powder in a fixed quantity and to create our brand new introduction, Krave Kratom CBD Infused Kratom powder. Within a short tenure since its launch, it has garnered huge appreciation in the market.

Bottom Line

Kratom back then was a herb waiting to be explored. Not many knew about it for many centuries. Now, Kratom is famous worldwide. It has been extensively studied, research and made handier and more enjoyable. Get ready to be spoiled with all the fantastic Kratom strains and products. It has never been so easier to indulge in a soothing Kratom experience.

For more details, check out our entire Krave Kratom product line here.

Happy Kratom!

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