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Kratom Strains Explained by Krave Kratom

Kratom Strains Explained by Krave Kratom

Hello and welcome to another Krave Kratom weekly blog post where we explore and share different new insights about this magnificent herb Kratom with you. The herb has already become a household name across the world; however, it is still a new thing to many people. Still, Kratom experts are busy understanding how and why the herb offers so many amazing benefits. Today, we offer you the ultimate guide that will help you understand the different Kratom strains right away. So, without any more delay, we will quickly get on to it.

Kratom Strains Guide

As you have already noticed, there are multiple variants of Kratom available in the market. To understand each Kratom strain and how it works, we need to look deeply at its different vein colors.

Red Vein Kratom Strain

Regarded as the most potent Kratom variant,  the Red Vein Kratom strain is also known for its beautiful and soothing effects. It mostly comes from the most mature trees of Kratom, which are likely to have higher levels of alkaloids. Processing the red vein Kratom leaves requires a lot of light, and sometimes they also require fermentation. However, be careful if you are new to Kratom. Though Red-vein Kratom is robust and pleasing, it is also very potent and thus may cause discomfort if you are not familiar with the herb.

White Vein Kratom

As compared to the Red Vein,  White Vein Kratom is pretty much the opposite. They are best known for their stimulating and productive effects. The White Vein Kratom products are prepared from the tender leaves of Kratom plants. The leaves are harvested from plants that did not enter into the matured phase, and hence the leaves are whitish, and they did not even get a chance to develop and have a deeper vein color. These leaves can be processed indoors as they require no light. This strain is known to have the best level of Mitragynine, an indole-based alkaloid in them. Little do people know that White Vein Kratom also has a very uplifting aroma that helps you focus better and be more creative and productive. For this reason, many kratom enthusiasts find this strain more appropriate and beneficial during the morning.

Green Vein Kratom

You can say that it is a perfect combination of both the red-vein and green-vein Kratom strain and their soothing and energizing effects. The green veins Kratom leaves are generally harvested when the trees are not much mature. One can initially dry indoors and later take them outside under the sun to complete the process. Green Vein Kratom is less intense and offers energetic, soothing benefits compared to the White Vein Kratom.

Other Popular Kratom Strains

Apart from the vein colors, the herb can also be categorized by region. The effects of the Kratom vein colors, Kratom strains, and their respective aroma also differ from one region to another.

  • Maeng Da. Recognized as one of the highly potent strains with long-lasting effects, Maeng Da is a pimp-grade strain.
  • Malay. Grows in the dense forests of Malaysia, Malay Kratom can be further classified into red, white, and green-veined Malay Kratom. They are very soothing and revitalizing.

  • Borneo. Borneo Kratom mostly comes from the tropical jungles in the northern region of Borneo Island.
  • Thai. This is one Kratom strain that both the newbie as well as experienced Kratom enthusiasts can enjoy.  We bring you the best and 100% pure Thai Kratom. 

  • Bali. It is the most, in fact, the first kratom variant we ever had. Though named Bali, it grows in Borneo. It has been named after the city as it was a transporting hub for shipping the Kratom strain. Bali Kratom is known for its versatile effects.

With every passing day, we are recognizing new Kratom strains and their amazing benefits. Enjoy the best quality Krave Kratom strains brought to you from the furthest corners of Southeast Asian countries. At Krave Botanicals, we are committed to offering you an exceptional Kratom experience that you will cherish for a very long time. We have a dedicated team of experts that handpicks only the best Kratom leaves for preparing our extensive kratom product line. Here we have got 100% pure and genuine Krave Kratom powder, capsules, shots, and concentrates of strains like Bali, Maeng Da, Malay, Borneo, Hulu, and many more. Apart from that, we also got CBD Infused Kratom that combines the goodness of Kratom and CBD. Hurry up, place your order now to enjoy free shipping across the nation. 

Happy Kratom!

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