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Kratom Shot Vs. Kratom Powder: Which One Is Better

Mitragyna Speciosa, commonly known as Kratom is a tropical herb that has been popular for centuries in certain countries of Southeast Asia like Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and others. They thrive well in regions with a hot, humid, and tropical climate. For many centuries, the herb has been a part of the daily life and culture of the native people. Kratom was considered a sign of prominence and prestige. For a long time, the Kratom herb was accessible in its original form of raw leaves. After several centuries, Kratom crossed all borders and reached people around the globe. Gradually, with advancements in technology, and infrastructure, Kratom is available in multiple forms like powder, capsules, and liquids. In today’s Krave Kratom blog, we have picked two great Kratom products – Kratom Powder and Kratom Shot to see which one is better for you.

Kratom Shot

Kratom Shot is a potent product prepared with the leaves of the Kratom herb through a unique manufacturing process. While some Kratom vendors prepare it with raw leaves, most vendors opt for pure Kratom powder for making high-quality Kratom powder. It is a water-based Kratom extract that is mixed with many other great ingredients. Kratom Shot mainly contains Kratom alkaloids like 7-Hydroxymitragynine and Mitragynine.

Kratom Shot: Advantages

Below, we have put together all the advantages of Kratom Shot which are as follows.

  • It comes in small bottle containers. Unlike other Kratom products, it is more convenient.
  • Kratom Shots work very fast, as compared to other Kratom products. It takes no time to release its effects.
  • Kratom Shot takes little storage space and can be kept easily.
  • It requires no preparation, making it an effortless, smooth experience for you.
  • Perfect for Kratom enthusiasts who wish to experience a more potent version of the herb.

Unfortunately, it is extremely potent, and thus it is not ideal for those new to Kratom. Kratom shot has a separate fan following. Only a few drops of Kratom Shot do what several grams of Kratom powder can do.

Kratom Powder

Kratom Powder is the first and most revolutionary version of the Kratom herb that acted as a key to today’s world of Kratom products. For many centuries, it existed as a secret. Gradually, the herb spread across the world and its growing fame paved the way for its ultimate evolution. To manufacture pure Kratom Powder, Kratom experts handpick good Kratom leaves and bring them to the manufacturing unit where they manually check for bad stems or leaves. Usually, Kratom experts wash the leaves with lukewarm water to clean them. After draining out the excess water, they spread the leaves thinly on trays and dry them. Depending on the product, and strain, the drying process and duration may vary, but once the leaves are crisp, they are powered into smooth dust. The powder is then sieved again to remove big chunks of leaves before packing them in definite quantities.

Kratom Powder: Advantages

This is probably the first Kratom product we ever had. It has a bunch of great advantages that wooed everyone’s heart across the world. We have listed them below.

  • Kratom Powder is perfect for all whether you are a new or an experienced Kratom enthusiast.
  • It has an extended shelf life compared to raw leaves.
  • It is the base product for preparing several other Kratom products.

Even though it is not as handy as capsules, Kratom powder is very convenient and more applicable than raw Kratom leaves. Since its inception, Kratom Powder has become popular in the Kratom community for diverse Kratom requirements.

Which One Is Better?

Both Kratom Shot and Powder have a chest of benefits to offer Kratom lovers. While Kratom Shot can be best enjoyed by passionate Kratom lovers, Kratom Powder applies to all. Unlike powder, Kratom Shot contains the alkaloids like Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine in higher concentrations, making it very powerful. Also, it acts comparatively faster. You will have to measure out Kratom Powder every time, but with Shots, you will never have to worry about it.

However, which Kratom product is better for you depends on your personal choice and if you are new to the herb or not. So, you should pick the appropriate Kratom product after assessing your needs and suitability.

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