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Kratom Showdown: Red Dragon Vs. Red Hulu

We at Krave Botanicals, always try to bring you unique kratom varieties that would meet the avid kratom-lovers’ individual preferences. Two unique strains blew away the entire kratom community on arrival; Red Dragon Kratom and Red Hulu Kratom.  Sadly, many aren’t aware of their features. This week’s blog will provide you an excellent comparative study of these two strains. So, let’s check them out;

Krave Kratom Red Dragon Kratom

The variant has earned this name because of its reddish tint. Red Dragon Kratom has a massive similarity with the Red Thai Kratom. Not only they are red but they, have some similar kind of properties.
For this reason, many believe that the trees from which Red Dragon Kratom is manufactured grow in the same Thai jungles where the Thai Kratom plants grow. These trees are found in the deepest region of the forests of Thailand. The climate, soil, its fertility; everything contributes towards the strain’s exclusivity.

Krave Kratom Red Hulu Kratom

Red Hulu Kratom capsules and powder is known to be a rare breed of kratom. It is manufactured from the kratom plants that originate from the dense forest area of Hulu region of Borneo island. There is a river named Kapuas running through this region. For this reason, the strain is also recognized as Red Kapuas Hulu Kratom. Not many people are familiar with this strain. Besides, the area is very remote and hard to access, making it an extremely rare strain of kratom. Krave Botanicals got a unique manufacturing process for preparing the best-quality Krave Kratom Red Hulu products.
We got the strains available in both capsules and powder forms. They are made from the most mature leaves of the variants, without any chemical. With Krave Kratom, you are guaranteed to receive only the top-quality, genuine kratom products. Hurry up, order Krave Kratom Red Dragon and Krave Kratom Red Hulu today!

2 - Red Dragon Kratom Capsules-1000x1000
Krave Kratom Red Dragon

7 - Red Hulu Capsules-618x618
Krave Kratom Red Hulu