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Kratom Powder or Kratom Capsules: Which One Is Better?

Kratom Powder or Kratom Capsules: Which One Is Better?

Kratom doesn’t come in the capsule or powder form that we find in the market today. It is an herb that grows in the jungles of certain Southeast Asian countries. The herb belongs to the coffee family and has some great benefits to offer. A most popular question that often confuses buyers is whether it is better to purchase Kratom powder or Kratom capsules. In the end, it is your taste, however, there are certain points to consider when it comes to these two forms and we shall discuss them in this article.


It is for the sheer convenience of the Kratom lovers, the manufacturers have formulated the way to prepare Kratom capsules. The powder form is handier as compared to the raw leaves. However, you must invest in your time and efforts to enjoy it properly. On the other hand, the capsules are accurately weighed and handy. It neither needs your time nor your efforts to prepare and enjoy it.


Capsules comparatively consume less shelf space than the powder. However, both offer you an extended shelf-life, which means you can always store them up.

Those were the important deciding factors that help you decide which one is better for you – Kratom powder or Kratom capsules. Now, let us study how these Kratom products are made and what are their advantages and disadvantages. We will start with Kratom Powder.

Kratom Powder

The powder is prepared from the dried leaves of Kratom plants. However, it is not that simple as it sounds. The manufacturing process involves a team of vigilant experts who meticulously handpick the most suitable kratom leaves for the product making sure there is no stem or bad leaf mixed in.

They ensure that pick the leaves strain-wise and don’t mix them up or else, the desired effects couldn’t be achieved. Once collected, the leaves are brought to the manufacturing unity where they are manually checked again for any rotten, bad leaves and stems. Then, the leaves are washed and thoroughly cleaned to remove all the soil and dust from it with lukewarm water only. Once washed, the excess water is drained properly, and it is spread thinly on large dehydrating trays and dried. Depending on the strain and product, the vendor opts for a unique drying process. Some even treat the leaves further before powdering them. Then, the powder is passed through a dense net several times to have a fine dust-textured kratom powder. It is then packed in different volumes and shipped to the customers.


  • Kratom powder is the base for all the other kratom products.
  • Kratom powder has a longer shelf life as compared to raw leaves.
  • It is easy to carry and store.
  • It is handy and works fast.


  • Kratom powder is not as handy as the capsules.

Kratom Capsules

As Kratom got popular, the buyers were seeking a more convenient form that would take little or no time to prepare and enjoy. After a lot of research and experiment, finally, the Kratom manufacturers came up with an encapsulated form of the amazing tropical herb – Kratom Capsules.

Once the kratom leaves are crisp and dry, they are put in a grinder and powdered. This powder is then filtered through a mesh multiple times to ensure it is free from any coarse leaf chunks. Finally, the powder is sealed in a fixed quantity (preferably 500mg) in a vegan capsule shell. This is what we call Kratom Capsules. Finally, they are then counted and packed in fixed numbers.


  • The Kratom Capsules have a long shelf life (more than the raw leaves).
  • They are easy and need no preparation.
  • They can be transported or stored very easily without any fuss.
  • They are ideal for the new kratom-lovers.
  • They are extremely convenient and handy.
  • They take only a few minutes to start working.


  • So far, there is no downside.

Kratom Powder or Kratom Capsules: Which One Is Better?

It is a battle of two great things. The question is whether Kratom Powder or Kratom Capsule is better for you. It is your personal choice and depends on you. If you think the powder form is working great for you, go for Kratom Powder. If you are someone who wants quick effects without putting in much labor or time preparing it, then Kratom Capsules are perfect for you. In general, Kratom Capsules are handier than the powder but Kratom powder is the base of the capsules.

Here, we have Krave Kratom Powder and Krave Kratom Capsules for you. Check them out and see which one is better for you!