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Kratom Extract or Kratom Capsules; Which One Is the Best

Kratom Extract or Kratom Capsules; Which One Is the Best

Kratom initially existed in the capsules or extract forms but in raw green leaves. Today’s popular kratom products have derived from this herb that originates in the lush jungles of certain Southeast Asian and African countries with a tropical climate. From raw leaf to kratom extract, it has evolved a lot to become a global name. Presently, there are so many forms of Kratom products available in the market that many find it confusing to assess the best suitable product for your requirements. Hence, in this week’s blog, we will compare two popular kratom products, i.e., Kratom Extract and Kratom Capsules.

Kratom Extract

Kratom Extract is a futuristic kratom product that contains the alkaloids of several grams of pure kratom powder. It is also famous as Kratom oil or Kratom tincture or shots. A few drops of kratom extract are as effective as few grams of kratom powder. If you are looking for something robust and potent, this is the perfect option for you. The kratom extract-making procedure varies from one manufacturer to another. At Krave Botanicals, we have adopted a cold-press extraction procedure to extract the alkaloids to create our Krave Kratom Shot.

We have introduced an exclusive range of Kratom Extract products to entice the majority of kratom enthusiasts. Here, take a quick look at our exciting Krave Kratom Extract products.

  1. Krave Bali Shot.Prepared with the finest and 100% pure Krave Kratom Bali Powder.
  2. Krave Red Dragon Shot.Prepared with the finest and 100% pure Krave Kratom Red Dragon Powder.
  3. Krave Trainwreck Shot.It is a full-spectrum blend featuring a unique fusion of 11 exceptional kratom strains, each with diverse characteristics.
  4. Krave Maeng Da Shot.Prepared with the finest and 100% pure Krave Kratom Maeng Da Powder.
  5. Krave Kratom Extract 3 Pack Blister and 5 Pack Blister.High-quality kratom extract in the encapsulated form available in three and five’s blister packs.
  6. Krave 100x Kratom Shot.It is 100 times more potent than the regular kratom extracts you have enjoyed so far.
  7. Krave Kratom Extract Hybrid Powder and Capsules.It is one of our new Kratom products prepared from the extracts of hybrid kratom plants. It is available in powder and capsule forms.
  8. Krave Zen 3x Shot.Enjoy pure Krave Zen 3x Shot, which is three times more robust and enjoyable.
  9. Krave Zen 10x Shot. If you want something more robust and potent, then Krave Kratom Tincture Concentrate worth a try.

Kratom Capsules

To manufacture Kratom Capsules, a team of experts acquires the best suitable kratom leaves by a professional team. A lot of leaves are carefully handpicked, so no other strains get mixed into it. Then the leaves are brought into the manufacturing unit, where they are checked for any rotten leaves. Once they are inspected, they are washed with warm water. After draining out the excess water out of them, they are thinly layered on a dehydrating tray and dried until they turn crispy. After this, the dried leaves are powdered into a fine dust. It is sieved multiple times before measuring them out and sealing them in gelatin capsule shells. Each Kratom Capsule contains 500 mg of pure kratom powder. Depending on the product, the manufacturer may opt for different manufacturing methods as well. For instance, they may dry the leaves under the sun, while some opt for UV lights. However, it is the basic manufacturing method to prepare kratom capsules. At Krave Botanicals, we have a wide range of strains available as Krave Kratom Capsules. Do check them out.

Goodness of Kratom Extract

  • Works instantly.
  • Extremely potent and robust.
  • Has a longer shelf life.
  • Easy to store, enjoy and carry.
  • Little is more.

Downside of Kratom Extract

  • It is too potent; thus, only avid kratom lovers are recommended to enjoy the extracts.

Goodness of Kratom Capsules

  • Works fast
  • Easy to enjoy, needs no time or effort to prepare.
  • Easy to carry, store.
  • Everyone can enjoy it.


  • None as of now.

The bottom line is that both the products are unique with their goodness and characteristics. Depending on your requirements, pick your preferred Kratom product. If you are tired of every kratom product and looking for something robust, then Krave Kratom Shot is what you need. However, if you are new to kratom, then Krave Kratom Capsules is your best option. You can check our amazing collection of Krave Kratom Extracts and capsules to suit your unique demands. So, assess your requirements and get started accordingly.

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