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Kratom Consumer Choice Awards 2019

Kratom Consumer Choice Awards 2019

Hello Everyone! It’s time for a fun-filled evening, and we welcome you all toKratom Consumer Choice Awards 2019. Today, we are going to award three titlesto the most eligible and winning kratom strains and brands. Let’s cut down the talkand get on with the awards.

Rising Star 2019

Rising Star award is dedicated to the most promising kratom strain introducedlately and flourished in popularity in 2019. The award goes to Yellow Borneokratom – this Kratom is prepared from kratom leaves with red, green, or whiteveins that grow in the northern region of the island. They are dried for an extendedtime, giving them the yellow color. It’s potent and soothing.

Evergreen Star 2019

From the time when the world came to know about Kratom, this strain has beenruling the entire market. Back then, this strain was standardized as Kratom. Eventoday, numerous strains have been discovered, yet it didn’t lose its place inKratom-lovers’ hearts. It is none other than Bali kratom, which comes from Borneoand is found to be the most versatile and multi-purpose kratom variant in themarket.

Popular 2019

Many strains have gained immense fame recently. The year 2019, has been markedby the introduction of several exciting strains. Each of the strains has uniqueproperties. So this award is shared by three strains; Green Malay, White MaengDa, and Red Hulu Kratom.

  • Green Malay is the green-veined Kratom that grows in the Malaysian jungles.
  • White Maeng Da is the white-veined Maeng Da, which happens to be very powerful. These days, it is gaining much popularity for its soothing benefits.
  • Red Hulu is a strain that grows in the Hulu region of Borneo island. It is a thick forest area through which river Kapuas flows through. The part is hard to access, making the strain very rare.

These are the popular choice awards of 2019, what are your personal favorites?

Green Malay Powder

Krave Kratom Maeng Da Powder