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Krave Kratom

Kratom Capsules: Pros & Cons

There is a small story behind the formation of kratom capsules. It began several centuries back when Kratom wasn’t available as capsules or powder but as raw leaves only. It came (and still comes) from the leaves of Mitragyna Speciosa plants. With time people learned about it around the globe, and kratom export began. However, soon they realized a drawback – the leaves were getting dried and rotten by the time the shipment reached its destination. Then they had to think of something revolutionary and prepared different forms of kratom that have long expediency. Initially, kratom powder was prepared. To make it more convenient, vendors prepared Kratom capsules.

How Are Kratom Capsules Prepared?
First, the mature kratom leaves are picked (according to their strain), then they are cleaned and checked for the stems. Now, the leaves are dried, grounded and sieved for a fine texture. Finally, the powder is encapsulated into gelatin shells in a specific quantity.

Pros and Cons of Kratom Capsules
Everything in this world has a good and bad side. We expect the same with kratom capsules too. Let’s check out what are they:


  • It got extensive shelf-life.
  • It is more convenient than kratom powder.
  • It’s a crowd favorite.
  • It’s easy-to-store.
  • It’s ideal for all kratom lovers.


  • To disappoint you, we found no downside of kratom capsules.

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