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Is Gold Kratom Better Than the Rest?

Is Gold Kratom Better Than the Rest?

With so many strains flooding the kratom market, it is nearly impossible for anyone to assess which strain is better than the others. Well, we are not going to cover all the strains in this blog but our old favorite; Gold Kratom. But before that.

What Is Gold Kratom?

Honestly, Gold Kratom is not a strain that grows naturally on the Mitragyna Speciosa plants. It is a kratom variant prepared by renowned Kratom vendors. Over the years, this variant has gained much popularity and has become one of the top choices of Kratom lovers worldwide.

Kindly note, each Kratom vendor has an individual recipe for creating this variant. For this reason, you may find it different when you change the vendor. Generally, the vendors have a personal in-house recipe or formula to create this variant. At Krave Botanicals, we prepare Krave Kratom Gold by combining five unique kratom strains along with their trademark qualities together. We have an inhouse formula developed by our expert team to bring you the best gold kratom ever. We are proud to share that Krave Kratom Gold is one of our best-selling kratom products.

Is Gold Kratom Better Than the Rest?

Kratom or Mitragyna Speciosa is packed with qualities that are due to its biochemical properties. Each strain has a different biochemical composition and thus differ from other strains accordingly. Krave Kratom Gold has five different, but popular strains mixed in a fixed quantity ensuring that none of the strains overwhelm the effects of the others. It is very beneficial and versatile.

Hence, we can conclude that with other strains you enjoy the goodness of that Kratom only. But with Krave Kratom Gold you get to enjoy the benefits of five different strains. Now, you assess it yourself and see is Gold Kratom better than the rest or not.

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