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How to Tell If Your Kratom Has Gone Bad?

How to Tell If Your Kratom Has Gone Bad?

Once you open a pack of Kratom, there will be some leftover Kratom that you might have stacked away. Chances are there that you will rediscover it after a few weeks. The main question is whether the kratom is good or if it has gone bad. Today, we will guide you to comprehend the condition of your Kratom product, especially Kratom powder. But before that, did you know that Kratom can also go bad? Without any further delay, let’s get onto it.

How to Tell If Your Kratom Has Gone Bad?

It is a natural product prepared without any preservatives or additives. Like any other natural product, even Kratom can eventually go bad if it is not stored properly or exposed to certain elements. Below are the few main signs that will help you assess the condition of the kratom.

  • Loss of aroma
  • Loss of color
  • Visible growth of molds.

While the first two signs imply that the Kratom has lost its freshness. Though it may not be as effective and strong as it was, you will still be able to relish its goodness. However, if you find the Kratom is moldy, throw it away at once. It could be dangerous for you.

How Does Kratom Go Bad?

It is probably very ironic that the elements that help the Kratom plants to thrive well as also the ones that lead to its downfall once the Kratom leaves are harvested, dried, powdered, and packed. As you have already guessed, these elements are.

  • Air

Kratom like any plant takes in carbon dioxide and produces oxygen. On the other hand, after mowing when exposed to air for longer, it will start developing microorganisms like molds and yeast and gradually the Kratom will go bad. Better seal your Kratom products airtight or consider keeping them separately rather than wondering if the Kratom is good or bad.

  • Moisture

Moisture is one element that can quickly break down any substance. For this reason, Krave Botanicals ensures that the Kratom leaves are dried until they turn crisp. We pack them quickly after powdering and sieving the Kratom powder, so it doesn’t capture any moisture and develop any reaction that promotes the development of microorganisms.

  • Direct Sunlight

Sunlight is crucial for plants, without which they cannot perform photosynthesis and produce enough carbohydrates for growth. After harvest, they don’t do photosynthesis. After that, exposure to light leads to photodegradation, due to which the Kratom leaves start losing their aroma, color, flavors, and alkaloids.

  • Temperature

High temperature, as well as sharp temperature changes, can also cause big chemical reactions. Together they can accelerate the deterioration of Kratom.

Safekeeping of Kratom

To prevent your Kratom from getting worse, we bring you some practical Kratom storage tips.

  • Pack It Airtight

The packaging we offer is airtight that will keep the Kratom powder fresh for several weeks and months. As for the Kratom extract, it only applies until the pack is opened. Store either in an airtight container or in a ziplock pouch.

  • Keep It Out of the Light

Keep your Kratom container somewhere in a shaded area in the Kitchen pantry or cabinet. Make sure it is away from the direct sunlight.

  • Keep It Cool

Store it somewhere with a stable temperature. However, if you want to prevent the growth of microorganisms like yeasts and molds, consider freezing it at the lowest possible temperature.

  • Preparing Stored Kratom

Never keep the container open for long. You can divide the kratom into daily or weekly portions, so you don’t have to expose the entire content.

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