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How Is Kratom Powder Made?

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So long we have talked so much about how to choose the best strain of kratom, how to buy them, even where to buy. Now, let’s get to a little lighter note for a change and learn how Kratom Powder is made.

Origin of Kratom Leaves
Yes, the powder we see in packages has derived from a specific plant called Kratom which actually belongs to the coffee family. These plants cannot grow anywhere but in somewhere environment and topography. Kratom plants scientifically named as Mitragyna Speciosa grow in the tropical forest areas of countries in South East Asia and Africa. There different kinds of strains and differentiated in two ways; by the color of their veins and locations where the plants grow.

How Is Kratom Powder Made
Okay, so there are many leaves on the kratom, but not all are in good shape. Some are old and dry while some are too young. High-quality kratom is made from leaves (no stems at all) that have matured recently. These leaves are hand-picked to ensure the quality of the leaves.

Then the leaves are washed thoroughly to remove all the dust particles and allows to get rid of the excess water. Then they are spread on trays and sundried, but that is time-consuming. So another option is to place them into a dehydrator. Once they are dry and crispy, it is time to put into mixer grinder and grind them until it turns into fine dust.

Then they are sieved thoroughly to remove any bit of the veins or leaves and finally packaged for you.