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How Are the Best Kratom Capsules Made?

Kratom, also known as Mitragyna Speciosa is an herb. Basically, the kratom products are prepared from the leaves of kratom plants which can be found in countries of South East Asia and Africa. Earlier, people could have it only as raw leaves. Later, for the ease of transportation and longer shelf-life, the manufacturers decided to dry the leaves. That is how the evolution of kratom products started. One of the most prevalent kratom product today is kratom capsules but many are confused about how these pills are made. In this post, we are going to communicate how these capsules are manufactured. So, let’s get started.

Making Kratom Capsules

Making of kratom products require some professional and experienced people who can distinguish the strains and know which leaf is ideal for the product. Firstly, the team handpicks the best mature green kratom leaves that are sent to the manufacturing unit where the leaves are properly washed with lukewarm water. It is required to remove all the dirt from the leaves.

Then the leaves are spread thinly on dehydrating trays which are then put into large dehydrators. Once they turn crisp and brown, they are ground into a smooth-textured powder. To ensure, there is no big chunk of leaf or stem, the powder is sieved again for a couple of time before it is sealed in 100%  vegetarian capsule shells in fixed quantity which is generally 500mg.

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