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Kratom Showdown: Green Malay vs. Maeng Da

Kratom Showdown: Green Malay vs. Maeng Da

There are so many varieties of Kratom available in the market that anyone can get confused wondering which strains to try. All of them are in shades of green (just dark or light) but work almost in the same way – only the difference is in the name. But is it true? Well, no. Each and every kratom variant comes with some unique properties and thus work in different ways which is why you need to choose your kratom very carefully.

For this reason, every week we pick two strains and assess them together to give you an accurate face-off review. This week we have chosen two strains that have been well-accepted among the kratom community; Green Malay and MaengDa Kratom. Let’s compare them:

Green Malay Capsules

Grown in the lush green jungles of Malaysia, the kratom plants are also known as Keetum. The leaves are characterized by their dark green shades. This specific variant is known to have a higher concentration on biochemical compounds. The plants can be again of three veins colors – red, white and green among which the last one is most popular of all.

Maeng Da Capsules

It is a Thai kratom growing in the tropical forests of Thailand and Malaysia. It is a pimp-grade kratom, and among all the kratom veins, green is the most popular one. In fact, right after Bali is MaengDa kratom when it comes to popularity.

We will never tell you to trust what we say but to test these kratom variants yourself once and assess them. We have small sample packs of Krave Kratom Green Malay and MaengDa which contain 10 capsules of each strain along with free shipping
Test it before you order more!