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Green Malay or White Thai: Which Kratom Would You Choose?


Kratom is a herb that has won countless hearts around the globe within a very short span. However, it has been in existence for thousands of centuries in the dense forests of tropical nations of South East Asia and Africa. It had remained hidden from the rest of the world for so long until a few decades back when for the sake of trade and business, it was shipped to the other parts of the world. 

Depending on the origin location of the kratom trees and the color of the leaf veins, they are categorized into different strains. Back then there weren’t many kratom strains known to humankind. Mostly, it was the Bali kratom grown in the wild of Borneo that was standardized as Kratom for everyone. However, with time we got more strains like Maeng Da, Thai, Malay and many more. Today, we would be discussing two such strains that are extremely popular these days and see which one you should try next?



Green Malay Kratom
Also recognized as ‘Keetum,’ this strain comes from the Malaysian forest areas. The leaves have a distinctive oval-shape that make them more recognizable. There is a higher concentration of biochemical properties in the leaves which contributes to its dark green color.



White Thai Kratom
White Thai kratom got its origin in Thailand’s jungle. Apart from white, it also got red and green vein strains, but white is found more popular than them. Due to its unique biochemical composition, people find it more effective for several purposes as compared to Green-vein Malay kratom.



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Krave Kratom Green Malay

Krave Kratom White Thai