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Kratom Showdown: Gold Kratom vs. White Thai

For the last few weeks, we have posted a series of kratom strain showdown to help you compare different strains. This week, we are going to do the same with White Thai and Gold Kratom. Now, many of you may be wondering why you didn’t find gold kratom in our posts on different types or kinds of kratom. Probably, you are wondering what it is and where it comes from. For this reason, we are going to talk about gold strain and also compare with the umbrella strain of kratom, i.e., Thai Kratom. So let us get started now.

Gold Kratom

It comes from the red-vein kratom strains that dried more than the green or red vein kratom variants. This extensive drying procedure gives it the desired gold-like yellow-brown color. Not just the color of the kratom is different, but it offers several more benefits to the user as well. Krave Kratom Gold is, on the other hand, is an exclusive blend of five different strains especially formulated to give you an ultimate kratom experience. If you want to try and test it, order Krave Kratom Gold Capsule Sample today.

White Thai Kratom

It comes from the forests of Thailand. It is also considered as the Umbrella strain of many other variants like Bali, Maeng Da and so on but they have their own devotees now. However, White Thai has established itself as an individual strain. Out of all other veins, white-vein Thai is more preferred around the world. Check out Krave Kratom White Thai samples here.

Each of the variants has unique properties, you can check their quality with Krave Kratom product samples that contain 10 capsules along with free shipping. Order your favorite kratom today!