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Different Types of Liquid Kratom Extract

Welcome to another informative weekly Kratom blog, where we intend to bring you something insightful and help you understand different Kratom products available in the market. In today’s blog, we will share about all the forms of Kratom extracts available, but before that, you must comprehend that Kratom extract is different from the common Kratom products like the powder or capsules. However, it has made its mark in the Kratom community with its great benefits. Every Kratom-selling shop has different Kratom extract products, so locating one is not a tricky task. 

The main point is differentiating between the different liquid Kratom extracts and picking products accordingly. Whether you are an experienced Kratom lover or a newbie, we are committed to helping you have a better knowledge of Kratom Extracts.

Liquid Kratom Extract: What Do You Mean

Kratom Extract is likely to be more potent. It is prepared by extracting the mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine present in the raw Kratom leaves or powder. It is also manufactured with multiple Kratom strains and vein colors. Different strains define the potency of the extract differently.

A small amount of extract is likely to contain the alkaloids of multiple leaves in a higher concentration. Preparing the extract requires more leaves as compared to the Kratom powder. Therefore, Kratom extract is comparatively pricier than Kratom powder.

Kratom powder is simply the powdered version of dried Kratom leaves, but the extract is a concentrate of Kratom alkaloids along with a few active ingredients or solvents. However, the liquid Kratom is pure and contains extracts blended with water. 

Different Forms of Liquid Kratom Extract

Liquid Kratom is accessible in a few forms, including shots, tinctures, and extracts. In today’s blog, we will talk about all these forms and how they differ from others.

Kratom Extract

To prepare Kratom extract, we boil Kratom powder or leaves and extract 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine alkaloids. Then we strain the solution to eliminate all the solid fragments from it. Once again, the solution is boiled until it forms a thick paste. It is then mixed with water to prepare liquid Kratom extract, or dried and powdered to make Kratom extract powder.

Kratom extract is a highly-concentrated liquid Kratom extract that is popular around the globe for its intense potency. Quantity of leaf utilized during the manufacturing process and how long the solution was boiled, both determine the potency level of the extract.

Kratom Shots

It is a water-based Kratom extract, blended with numerous great ingredients. Many vendors even mix in passionflower. Scores of Kratom enthusiasts find it an excellent form of Kratom extract.

Kratom Tincture and Concentrates 

Another popular liquid Kratom is Kratom Tincture and Concentrate, prepared through a unique extraction method. For manufacturing this tincture, we soak Kratom powder or leaves in a mixture of water and ethanol. Even some vendors add preservatives like citric acid to it. Then the Kratom blend is sealed in an airtight jar and kept in a cool, dark place for weeks.

Finally, the manufacturer strains the solution and removes all the solid fragments from the solution. The tincture has a thicker consistency, unlike other liquid Kratom products. 

Kratom Tea

Though Kratom tea is not a liquid product, it deserves to be on this list. You can brew the dried or fresh Kratom leaves to make Kratom Tea. 

Price and Potency Levels of Kratom Extracts

You might have come across many Kratom products specifying different potency levels. It often confuses the buyers, so we decided to discuss this more. Different strains offer different levels of wellness. 

While some products have a 20x potency level, some have a 100x potency level. It signifies the amount of Kratom utilized to prepare a single milliliter of liquid Kratom extract. For instance, if it is a 20x extract, it will have the alkaloids of 20 grams of Kratom leaves in one milliliter. The cost of the liquid Kratom majorly depends on two factors. One is the potency or concentration level, and the second is the extraction process. Generally, the price of the liquid Kratom starts from $7.99.

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Happy Kratom!