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Demystifying Top Kratom Myths

Demystifying Top Kratom Myths

Hello and welcome to another weekly Krave Kratom blog, where we bring you something informative and helpful every week. Kratom is a popular herb that has existed among us for more than several centuries. It has its origin in the lush tropical forests in certain Southeast Asian countries. In scientific language, it is recognized as Mitragyna Speciosa. For several centuries, it remained a secret until the native people began exporting it to other countries for the economic and commercial growth of their nation. The herb possesses some exceptional benefits, because of which it has gained immense popularity in the last decade. Every day more and more people are getting familiarized with this beautiful herb. However, there are still too many misconceptions and myths existing around there. We have noticed many people believe the myths blindfolded while the truth stays hidden in the dark. Today, we will debunk some of these common Kratom myths and get the facts straight.

Myth One: Kratom Is an Artificial Drug

One common myth we hear is that Kratom is not an herb but a synthetic medication. Kratom is prepared with the leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa plants, which belong to the extended family of coffee plants. These plants grow abundantly in the jungles of Myanmar, Malaysia, Thailand, and others where it is traditionally utilized for a variety of purposes. It is one herb that is being studied for its therapeutic and calming benefits.

Unlike chemical-based artificial drugs, Kratom is a natural herb that grows organically and is treated naturally to prepare different kinds of Kratom products.

Myth Two: Kratom Can Be Addictive

Then comes another popular misconception that Kratom can be addictive. Medically, addiction implies a disease state distinguished by uncontrollable behavior despite harmful consequences. However, Kratom is the opposite. It has soothing, euphoric, energetic benefits. Even the biochemical compounds present in Kratom also have psychological benefits.

Myth Three: Kratom Hasn’t Been Studied

Kratom has been studied several times in the past as well as the present for its extraordinary quality. For instance, at Columbia University, US, scientists are trying to rule out if Kratom can manage certain ailments. In history, it has been accepted as a remedy for many health problems. Nowadays, it is being researched if it can effectively help deal with modern-day ailments.

Myth Four: Different Kratom Variants Comes from Different Kinds of Trees

There are many kinds of Kratom variants, but all of them are from one kind of Kratom plant, i.e., Mitragyna Speciosa. The strains are a result of a kratom plant’s habitat, geographical location, and farming techniques. They are divided into different strains based on their location, leaf vein color, and other growth conditions. Moreover, the environmental elements and the techniques of harvesting also play a crucial role in determining the color of the strain and the alkaloids composition. They can be very different from each other, but all come from the Mitragyna Speciosa plant and no other kind of plant.

Myth Five: Kratom Intoxicates You

Many things that people take Kratom get high, but that is a complete myth. It is primarily popular for its immense benefits for providing calming, uplifting, soothing, and stimulating benefits. It cannot offer you a thrilling experience. It has earned its fan base for being relaxing.

Such myths will always continue to exist unless people learn more about this amazing herb. One such myth can bring more wrong theories and opinions to you. Hence, do your research before anything appears interesting to you. Try out a sample to test it before ordering in bulk quantity.

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Happy Kratom.

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