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Kratom Buyers’ Guide: Choosing the Right Size of Kratom

Choosing the right quantity of kratom is such a daunting task for all, especially if you are very new to buying Kratom. But not to worry because we are here to guide you with your next purchase and all the other purchases in the future.

How to Choose the Size of Kratom

You have to consider a few essential factors before clicking on the size or quantity of your purchase which we have discussed below:

  • Don’t think of bulk or savings if you are buying it for the first time – just go for a sample pack or the smallest of all pack to test the quality.
  • Consider which form you are buying specifically if you are purchasing extract. You can compare specific grams of powder with a certain number of kratom of capsules, but these are different. So consider it wisely.
  • Assess the price and shipping charges as well. Bulk purchase is the key to save a good amount of money – also consider if the vendor offers free shipping on all orders or have fixed purchase volume for that.
  • If you have issues storing the herb, then it would probably be better to buy in small quantity.

Next time you purchase, consider all these aspects and to get started, try our Krave Kratom Samples here!