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Check Out Our New Krave Kratom Products

Check Out Our New Krave Kratom Products

For several years, Krave botanicals have been one of the leading Kratom manufacturers around the world. All these years we have acquired a thorough understanding of the global Kratom loving community’s demanding taste and preferences. As time passes, we see Kratom lovers seek new kinds of Kratom products and experience something they have never done before.

For this reason, we have dedicated a team of Kratom experts to study and research fresh ways to improve our Kratom strains as well as discover new Krave Kratom products for you. Our team has already created some amazing recipes like the Krave Kratom Gold powder and capsules, Trainwreck, then Yellow Borneo, White MaengDa, Red Hulu, Red Dragon. Finally, we formed the amazingly unique Krave Kratom CBD Infused Kratom that took no time to become our no. 1 best-selling Kratom product.

New Krave Kratom Products of 2020

Today, we got some great news. Once again, we have extended our Krave Kratom line of products with some exclusive creations that have the power to mesmerize anyone instantly. Without any delay, let us take you to the new Krave Kratom products we got for you.

  1. Krave K80 Shot. If you are tired of your existing Kratom strains and products, then you must try Krave K80 Shot, a pure and powerful Kratom concentrate extract that you may not have felt earlier. It is a highly concentrated extract  and the active biochemical compounds present to make it more effective.
  2. Krave Kratom Extract Hybrid Powder.The standard Kratom powder that you buy is generally a single strain or a recipe where different powdered Kratom strains are blended. Now presenting you something that has surpassed all the regular Kratom powders you tried so far – Krave Kratom Extract Hybrid Powder.  Our research team has employed a unique grafting method to combine the unique properties of different strain into the parent Kratom plant, creating the ultimate Hybrid Kratom plant. Krave Kratom Extract Hybrid Powder is made from the extract of these hybrid Kratom plants which have the power to meet your vivid Kratom needs. The product has been tested and certified by the GMP authority for quality standards and optimal efficacies.
  3. Krave Kratom Extract Hybrid Capsules.If you are not fond of Kratom powder but want to try this amazing Hybrid Kratom, then we got the perfect Krave Kratom Extract Hybrid Capsules for you. Each of the capsules contains 100% pure and powerful powdered extract of Hybrid Kratom plants prepared with a unique grafting process and unique all-natural manufacturing methods. These are made of extracts and thus are more potent than the regular Kratom capsules you have. You are getting nothing but pure Kratom products.
  4. Krave Botanicals’ Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom Extract Capsules (Blister Pack of 3).You cannot compare this magnificent creation with any of our other Kratom products. Krave Botanicals’ Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom Extract is a Kratom product that is different from the regular as well as the new hybrid Kratom products. This is our ultimate creation manufactured with Indo Kratom strain, but this is not the regular Indo Kratom you generally have. Our R&D team has enhanced its biochemical properties with natural means and acquired its leaf extract organically, which is condensed and packed in gelatin shells. For our utter convenience, we packed it in a travel-friendly blister pack of three capsules.  Each of the capsules is also packed separately for added protection.
  5. Krave Botanicals’ Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom Extract Capsules (Blister Pack of 5).If the 3-blister pack is not sufficient for you, then you may consider the 5-blister pack of Krave Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom Extract Capsules. These super-enhanced capsules are more robust and potent and ideal for those who are looking for more powerful Kratom effects.

Kratom lovers, these are the new Krave Kratom products crafted with utmost love, passion, and proficiency, especially for your persistent Kratom requirements. A note of caution for the beginners. These Krave Kratom products have superior properties and are made with 100% pure Kratom extracts, which make them more potent than the standard Kratom products. hence, newbie Kratom buffs are advised not to try them. All avid Kratom aficionados are most welcome to order them right away.  Last but not the least, get free shipping on all your orders despite your order volume. Hurry up, order now, and enjoy a super-enhanced, power-packed Kratom experience!

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