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Kratom Buyers’ Guide: Capsules vs Powder

Which one would be better – powder or capsules? It is one common query most of the newbie kratom enthusiasts have. Well, both of them are kratom only – the format has only evolved to offer sheer convenience to the kratom world. Let’s compare both of the kratom forms from their pros and cons and see which one will be better for you.

Kratom Powder

First, the kratom leaves are handpicked according to their strains and thoroughly cleaned before putting them into dehydrators. Finally, the crisp leaves are powdered into fine kratom dust.


  • It got an extensive shelf-life, unlike the raw leaves which can go bad pretty quickly.
  • It is convenient to carry and store.
  • Kratom-lovers can test kratom samples before procuring it in bulk.


  • Using kratom powder demands both of your time and effort.

Kratom Capsules

Once the kratom powder is prepared, it is encapsulated in gelatin or vegetarian shells in a fixed quantity.


  • Like kratom powder, capsules also have longer shelf-life.
  • It is to store and carry around.
  • Easy to use and needs no time or preparation.
  • The kratom pills work pretty fast.
  • They are ideal for the new kratom-enthusiasts.
  • One can test the quality from sample pack before purchasing it in bulk


  • None as of now.

So far kratom capsules are more convenient which is why they are the most popular form of kratom products are the entire world. To start, you can test Krave Kratom Samples of Bali, MaengDa, White Thai, Green Malay and Gold Kratom here!
So, what is holding you? Order your kratom now!